{Bebe: Toddler Apps We Love}

We are battling a bit of a cold over here, runny nose, low grade fever and in need of mama 24/7 over here. Which means, I am typing this at my kitchen island while holding a toddler on my hip. Gosh I love her snuggles but sick days spread this mama thin! Totally wishing I could get an iced cappuccino delivered...

On another note I made this delish pepper flank steak dish yesterday and Oh man it was delicious. I added raw brocolli and satueed bok choy to mine and brown rice for O's and goodness it will be a repeat. I ended up marinading it overnight with peppers, which made it so easy to throw in the pan after I put Z down for the night. MAke it. Make it. Make it.

Now for todays post, I got quite a few emails from readers about what apps we let Z play with. So I thought what better time to share than a day when the iPad is my only savior. You know how it goes, anything to keep'em entertained for atleast the 5 minute break.... Sometimes longer when you are road trippin or like today when she is under the weather and just wants to snuggle.

Or to be honest, sometimes mama needs a couple extra minutes to finish dinner, tackle something on her to-do list or just sip a hot mug of coffee! Feel me??! And if your going to add screen time then you should at least make sure they are learning a little something, right?

Here are a few of our favs:

These Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Baby are all great and have been a hit at one time or another.

Elmo ABC

Elmo 123

Peekaboo Barn

Balloon Baby School

Spanish School Bus for Kids

Learn Spanish for Kids - Billingual Child

Animal Sounds Kids Piano

Art Gurus

Baby's Musical Hands

Moo Baa LaLa (one of our favorite authors!)

For all of you starting to introduce potty training!

Potty Training Learning with the Animals

Potty Time with Elmo

I should say that every Pedi I have spoken too aslways says to make sure you are limiting there screen time and that none of these apps or shows should ever replace you personally teaching/engaging with your babies.

My advice: enjoy these apps with your kiddos too! I love watching her get excited to play a game, rather than just watch tv. Not to say that an Elmo episode or two are not welcomed in this house but the interactive part of apps are sometimes a little more stimulating and fun!

And as a mama I say that I do follow what the experts say but that snow, sick or travel days are not the best time to limit these things. hahaha but seriously I am sure you guys feel me!!

I hope this helps those of you that emailed me and feel free to email any other questions or if you know of any others, we are always looking for some good "tricks up our sleeves"!

Happy humpday my lovelies.