{What Mama Wore: Statement Coat & Stripes}

If I were to tell you to buy one piece every single end-of-winter sale single season (like nowish), it would be a statement coat. Toss it on over a tee and your favorite denim to immediately look put together.

statement coat here and here and here and this blue one// striped sweater and here totally need this striped dress // old leopard flats, want these for spring // old Chanel Sunglasses NEED these Celine ones //

I bought this sweet gem of a coat at a Zara in Portugal years ago and has been on here before and as you can see it still comes out a few times. Which goes to show how long a great coat will last! Something about the color, the butttons, the movement of the coat or how I instantly feel chic with it on.

And let's not forget the stripes... Even though it's a turtleneck, stripes always feel like spring to me. Isn't it true? I will always add a few tops to my closet, that I can layer now and wear later. Can we not forget the statement flats, a MUST in any women's closet and easily add something to an outfit. I wore the same look with a pair of nude pumps for date night (date night people, we had a Friday evening date night!)

I think the one big change in my style has been to keep buying amazing quality staple pieces I love and will wear season after season and add more trendy affordable accessories that will stand out and change up a look. Best way to do this is to 1. Watch the sales and buy things you LOVE and fit perfectly at the end of each season. 2. Take care of them (I dry clean this coat before putting it away). 3. Spend less money on the trends and invest in pieces YOU love. Because no matter how big a trend if you don't feel beautiful in it you will not look beautiful in it.

Wish me luck as I am off to tend to a stomach bug ridden girl on this rainy Wednesday!