{Homemade Honey Lemon Ginger Lollipops}

Happy Friday my loves!!!

Dadda is back tonight and we could not be more excited. Actually I'm a bit more excited that I found a charge for my computer that works and I get to share this recipe with you guys.

I feel like I have been writing about a sick household every week since Thanksgiving!!! Seriously though, I know it's been a mild winter but these rollercoaster temps have my little preemie's immune system working overtime! Earlier this week we were plagued with a stomach bug that pushed us to cancel our trip to NYC (don't even get me started on that but can you imagine a belly bug on a train??! Hell no I was not risking that). Poor girl was having a hard time staying hydrated, looking pale and all she kept saying was her belly button was hurrrrtttin. I may have been tired (and easily irritated!) but I was also heart broken. It is the absolute worse to see our littles in any kind of pain.

So in efforts to get a smile on her face, ease the nausea and maybe bring back a little color in her face I thought I'd make one of our favorites. You can skip the sticks and make them as cough drops but lollipops are a bit safer for the babes and perfect for stirring in your tea too.

I topped them with easter egg sprinkles because girlfriend loves herself some sprinkles and added extra ginger which is perfect for settling bellies and oddly enough she loves. She is totally my kid with the odd variety of flavor favorites. They are also on the dark side because it's organic mesquite honey (because it's what I had on hand) and I used light agave instead of sugar to keep them as natural as possible. These are a yummy treat for all and one of my favs while I was pregnant with Zoe and battling morning sickness.

Someone was excited!!! ^^^^^^^

I am ordering this candy thermometer which will make everything easier but if you don't have one you can drop in a little honey in ice cold water and if it hardens instantly it's ready. :)

You can pretty much add any flavor, blood orange or mint are also favorites!



1/2 Cup Agave

4 tbsp Chamomile Tea

3/4 Cup Honey

Juice of a Lemon

3 tsp ground ginger more or less (you can also use freshly grated ginger!)

Lollipop Sticks


Have a cookie sheet ready to go with parchment paper or Silpat lining it

Place the Agave, Tea and Honey into a pot and turn on medium heat

Stir until combined (about 3 minutes)

Once completely mixed, place your candy thermometer into the candy mixture and turn the heat up to high.

Let the mixture reach 300 degrees without mixing (use my cold water tip if you don't have one)

I kept the mixture in the pot and carefully moved to a trivet on the counter but you can carefully transfer to a glass bowl.

Quickly mix in the Lemon Juice and ginger (10 drops of lemon essential oils would work too)

***fresh ginger would work really well but I didn't think Z would like the texture***

Using a spoon small circles of the mixture onto the cookie sheet and insert the sucker sticks

Sprinkle with sprinkles or lemon zest or leave as is.

Let them cool and harden. About 10 minutes.


Please tag me on IG when you try these!!! Oh and don't forget to enter this giveaway of Fresh Wave, the amazing natural odor eliminator products that I reviewed this week.



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