{The Perfect Portion Cookbook}

I have a thing for cookbooks. Pinterest is amazing for gathering inspo but there is something about flipping through the pages of cookbooks that truly inspires and relaxes me. Because if I am going to be making dinner every night, it might as well be great food.

With a weight goal to be met and summer around the corner, I find myself finding ways to cut out calories out of our favorite dishes. So you can imagine how THRILLED I was when The Perfect Portion Cookbook was sent to me! I mean all of your favorite comfort dishes broken down into portions that allow you to enjoy yummy food but not kick the diet to the curb. Helloooo, winning!

Favorites so far:

Hot Cocoa Pretzels (pg 265) & Cinnamon Roasted Carnival Almonds (Pg 277)

Hello homemade cheese crackers.... I may swap out the flour for whole wheat and take them as a plane snack!

Spinach Pie (Pg 231) Love making something for brunch that can be doubled up and had for breakfast all week!

Ratatouille & Sausage Bake - imagine this with CSA veggies! (Pg 97)

Since I am always looking for new sides, I am trying out this Aspargus Gratin (Pg 163) and the Green Bean Casserole as part of this week's menu (Pg 233) !!

Portions sound like an easy thing but in all honesty most (including me!!!) over eat. Especially when I have been on the go all day and my first bite of real food is once I put Zoe down for bed and it's 8pm. And it's definitely not a correct portion of anything good....

It is so easy to fall into a rut while meal planning/prepping and since the hubby and I are definitely not eat the same thing every day/night kind of people, I try my hardest to switch it up. And these pages were filled with the inspiration this mama needed to keep on the "not a diet-just healthy" bandwagon!

I took some morning quiet time with my coffee and I sat down with this cookbook and planned out our meals for the week that I am excited about eating!

So go, go and go buy this cookbook and watch for a couple of these recipes to pop up on here this month!

We are off to make some soup and cookies for my poor mama who is trying to get over the flu and hopefully enjoy the sunshine.

Hope you all hav a wonderful sunny weekend with your lovelies!



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