{Bebe: Potty Training Tips and Tricks}

I am finally getting my first video up! Ahhh I am a little self conscious about it but very excited, since I think it will really help shorten longer posts! I promise they will get better and maybe I'll get the hang of using my camera for videos!

First, I will distract you with this adorable pics. because the smile is seriously the best thing EVER.

this belly though!!!

omg who says Ummm this much?!?

Tips & Tricks from one mama to another mama.

Make sure they are ready: some signs on this link. (you know that lecture, don't do it because everyone else is doing it, from middle school? Well it applies here. It will be a 100 % more successful if they are ready and not forced.

When you take the leap, commit to it. Creating a routine will help you!! Go when you first wake up, after every meal, before leaving the house, before a bath etc. AKA all day long is potty time!

Prepare: Buy a potty and books ahead of time, let them sit on there new potty whenever they want to, read books, have a potty for their baby or favorite toy.

Reward. You and the toddler deserve rewards through this process! Make it fun and there should be no punishment for accidents.

Bribery. If you can go we will get to pick a snack, works 80% of the time. The other 20% we tell her ducky needs to go to the potty and if she'd like to show him...

Forget exits, always know where your closest potty is.

On long rides or when you don't have a close (or clean) potty then use a pull up, this is when accidents are most likely to happen. No one is going to be happy about wet clothes or a wet car seat!

Take the first few days as isolation days, stay in, play games, set a timer, let them be naked and just get them use to identifying when they have to go and for you to get to know the "pee pee dance!".

Over hydrate them!! Well at least during those isolation days, "Special juice", smoothies, extra water, milk, fun straws etc. Them having to pee a ton the first couple days will help with your little one identifying when they have to go.

Did I say bribery? Yes. Maybe it's just a couple gummies, organic lolipops,for keeping them on the potty long enough to poopies, piece of chocolate (my kid loves dark chocolate... ) sing silly songs, for us even bribing with a trip to the park or a walk (to look for kitties of course!!) I am not below bribing. you have to do what you have to do!

Be prepared for disaster: always pack back up undies, pants, socks and wipes... No one likes a wet toddler including the mama that has to hear her crying because a certain babe HATES having wet clothes. Which I don't blame her. I keep a set in the car and one in a ziploc bag in my purse, you can use the ziploc bag to put away the wet clothes and not destroy everything in your purse (lesson learned the hard way my friends...)

We also ONLY use wipes for wiping bums, makes sure she is clean and helps with preventing UTI's (from our pedi friend). And I still slather her bum with Ava Anderson Dream Cream or Aquaphor before putting on a pull-up.

Lastly take them shopping for cute undies! I love these, these and these are a less expensive option too ( you want a thicker undies that can catch a tiny bitty accident and not wet the clothes...This way you change an undie and not a whole outfit.)

***Above all remember you are basically training yourself not them. Cut yourself some slack and be persistent! It will happen***

Here are some of favorite potty training products!

My Carry Potty // Baby Bjorn // Potty EZ Kids // Boys Potty Training // Toilet Trainer // Step Stool

Honest Wipes // Training Pants // Stickers // Elmo Book // Baby Potty Book // doll & potty set

I think we have almost all of these potty books... And this Karen Katz one, My Big Girl Undies is another favorite. And here is just a doll potty.


I know I will have a ton more I want to share but let's start here, ok?

Submit your potty questions and I can do a part 2 soon! And for all of you starting on this journey, I send you tons of virtual hugs and positive vibes. And wine, lots of wine.



PS these should make you smile!