{Dishes:Tacos de Papa}

We are big, actually huge, Mexican night fans over here. From tacos, to quesadillas, mexican black bean soup, taco bowls and simply guac and chips. It's easy to put together, never ever boring and makes everyone in our house happy.

But sometimes you just have to try something new and with a non meat eater over here it may as well be a vegetarian something...

And these tacos right here are going directly on the monthly rotation because, OMG delicious. Easy, can be prepped ahead of time and thrown in the over when the hubby gets home (or guests) or can be reheated perfectly. I mean if that is not winning what is?

This organic olive oil spray from Target is EVERYTHING.

And of course I had to taste taste test without the hot sauce with Zoe and then another with... The things I do for you guys.... ha.


3 medium/large sized sweet potatoes

( + more if you have a toddler like mine that can devour an entire roasted sweet potato)

12 corn tortillas

1 cup crumbled cojita cheese

3 tbsp shredded jack

2 tbsp olive oil + spray for the tortillas

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

2 tsp cumin powder

2 tsp onion powder

3 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp dried sage

1 tsp mustard powder

2 tsp dried oregano

2 tsp (more for more spice) paprika

2 tsp brown sugar

2 tbsp adobo (from chipotle in adobo sauce) *optional on how spicy you like it

2 tsp kosher salt & pepper

12oz organic canned black beans

Optional Toppings




hot sauce


Preheat oven to 400

Line baking sheet in lightly oiled parchment paper and set aside

Cube potatoes and place in a bowl (I keep peel on potatoes but both ways works.)

Add oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, cumin, oregano, paprika, onion, mustard powder, garlic powder, sugar, sage, adobo sauce onto the potatoes.

***I like to mix all the herbs + spices in a small bowl before adding to potatoes***

Toss until well covered.

Spread potatoes on baking sheet in an even layer (I added some cherry tomatoes that were a day shy of being thrown out b/c that is how I roll...)

Roast for 30 - 35 minutes until they are brown and crispy.

Let them cool.

****this can be done ahead of time*****

Place tortillas in a baking dish and carefully assemble stuffing in whatever order you'd like.

Mine went like this:

Black beans + sweet potatoes + cojita cheese + sprinkle of shredded jack

Stack them close enough that they keep themselves upright. 6 fit perfectly in mine.

Toss in the over for about 10 minutes at 400 or until crispy brown.

These can also be fried (which is the traditional way) but I kept it light so my calories go to the margs I will be having!

Top with any taco toppings you prefer and if you are anything like me, a sh*t load of hot sauce and devour immediately.

Soooo sooo sooo good.

Prepare with my infamous guac or along side this yummy enchilada bowl or this delicious black bean soup. But please please make sure that some sort of tequila is included in your menu... ha!



PS how is this rainy gloomy week going by so slowly??? Is it Friday yet??

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