{Dishes: No-Bake Nutella & Oat Energy Bites}

Happy Wednesday my loves.

First, HUGE SALE ALERT!! Our absolute favorite shoes for our little lady are on sale today!! Freshly Picked have been my first choice from day one, the comfort to the fact that they actually stay on and are soooo dang adorable are beyond reasons to splurge. But with a 25% off I am thinking I need to stock up on a few for Zoe and a couple for baby showers coming up. Don't walk, run!

Now onto chocolatey hazelnut goodness. We are huge fans of Nutella in our house. AKA the chocolate sand-which that my two-ager loves to eat for any meal with fruit and veggies on the side... And well let's be honest here, I love to eat her leftovers..

So I knew that when I started playing around with some healthy-ish treat recipes for our family sweet tooth it had to include the gooey chocolate hazelnut spread. I have also been increasing my miles on the treadmill which means I find myself always needing an energy boost in the late afternoons.

I took my no-bake cookie recipe that I have made a dozen times for Zoe (with bananas, oats and honey) and added some ingredients that are great for everyone but not. The surprise was how flippin good these things were. OMG. Now is I could only control myself to one or two, I'd be golden.

love this towel!

let's be honest this is how I bake/do anything on the regular.

Nutella thief!