{Mama & Mini: Culottes Obsessed}

Hello loves,

It's the weekend! and a long one to boot. We don't have incredible plans over here but definitely knocking off of the to-do list with finishing up some rooms. And perhapssssssss I'll get to organize the playroom and photograph it... but let's not get crazy.

Seriously though, this girl is the cutest ever. I mean insanely stubborn, strong willed and full of two-ager tactics but oh so very cute. She stuffed a juice box in her purse and thought it was hilarious to drink it out of there.

Now onto our looks. Our first mama and mini outfit post of (hopefully) many more. We wore this to our meeting with the incredible Trish over at Peach, the bra people which I have (so much more on that incredibleness later next week); and I can easily see myself wearing the same look on date night or to brunch. Heck I'd wear it to the playground too. Yes that comfy.

Me: Asos Jacket, out of stock (loving this navy one) /Minty Mint Munt culottes, similar // Old Navy Peplum tank (love this and this embroidered one too) // similar studded booties // Celine Shades (I want these!) //

Zoe: Old Navy culottes jumper // Old Joe Fresh Jacket love this one for littles // this one for toddlers // Shoes // Target Kitty Purse, love this donut one //

Comfy and probably one of my favorite outfits documented to date. The pants are high waisted, silky goodness and feel like sweats. This peplum tank was purchased with a 40% off which has me thinking why I didn't buy a few of them. They hide the post-baby tummy and can easily be worn by you expecting mamas and I can see it paired with distressed denim or a pencil skirt.

But the pants, the pants, THE pants. I think I have been a bit hesitant about the culottes looking frumpy but paired with tailored pieces and you have yourself a chic and comfy look. Can't get enough.

I did finally get those plants in the ground but thinking my stoop needs some love and keeping some potted plants on it. Who would have thought that this mama would be so obsessed with gardening but honest I am obsessed and can't leave the market without a few more plants for inside or outside.

Happy long weekend and thanks to all of those that have served and made this country a safer place.



Other Culottes I have my eye on:

1. Lace-up Culottes 2. Denim Culottes 3. Printed Culottes 4. Elastic Waist Flowy Culottes 5. Drapey Culottes