{Mamas that Rock: Lindsay & Chelsea of Olen Organic}

Hello darlings!

Is it the weekend yet?! The hubby gets home later today from a short (but felt long as hell) business trip and gosh I can't wait. I am back on my workout game and have been logging in miles for the first time in a few years and it has me so excited. It's honestly the perfect anxiety buster. And with my sitter back in town I get to have a little more mama time to blog. First up, this month's Mama that Rocks.

I have said this so many times in the last few years of blogging that I almost laugh at the repeat but the truth is that the best part of this space is that it has given me the opportunity to be inspired by so many incredible women. So many doing so much and rocking it.

And I am thrilled to get back to this semi regular series that keeps me meeting and snooping into the lives of the ladies that inspire me! So here it is, June's Mamas that Rock, a semi-regular series that will give you the low down on some pretty amazing women that are doing it all on top of being mothers. They inspire me and I hope that by sharing their stories, they inspire you to follow that dream and have it all. Oh and don't forget to snatch up that discount code at the end of the post. :)

Lindsay (left) and Chelsea (right)

Am I the only one that had a hard time finding organic clothes for the babes? And forget the gender neutral piece, we chose to be surprised with our babe's gender (and were even more surprised with her coming almost 9 weeks early!) but I struggled finding neutral organic basics that didn't cost and arm and a leg for my babe. In come the dynamic and sweetest duo of Olen Organic, with a dream to provide baby basics that are beautiful sustainable, safe and conveniently delivered to your door.

Chelsea and Piper (look at this grin!!)

Lindsay and hubby Morgan

Chelsea and Nick and Piper

Piper catching a ride on dadda in her Olen threads!

Now here is the scoop on the founders of Olen Organic, the organic baby clothing line made in Los Angeles, Lindsay Sword and Chelsea Fusedale.

Mission: We believe in beautiful and functional design, mindful manufacturing, and donating when done. We want more knowledge and less stuff.

Where can we find you:




Location: all over the interwebs!

Little ones name and age:

Chelsea: Piper Fusedale, 2 years old

Tell us who you are married to & how you guys met:

Morgan Sword and Nick Fusedale

Morgan and Lindsay Sword; we have been together since our sophmore year of high school! Nick and Chelsea Fusedale; met when we all worked at Abercrombie & Fitch's corporate headquarters.

How long have you been together:

Lindsay and Morgan have been together for almost 2 decades and Chelsea and Nick have been together for almost a decade. Chelsea and Lindsay have also been friends for almost a decade. We have a lot of history among us!

Favorite date night & date night look:

Lindsay: we have a standing weekly date sometimes brunch, sometimes dinner, but always at our favorite local restaurant, Anella, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We always sit at the bar, I always order the roast chicken, Morgan always orders the burger, and we always have the best time chatting with each other and the super friendly bartenders (who will also always generously top off your wine glass). I'm also always wearing funky flats, boyfriend jeans, a grey tee shirt I've had as long as Chelsea and I have been friends, and some sort of statement jacket or coat.

Chelsea: Before we had Piper, sitting at a bar (like Lindsay and Morgan!) for dinner on a weeknight was the one constant in our lives. We would frequent Blair's in our local Silver Lake and knew the bartender well... maybe too well! Since the little one arrived, dinners have moved to a geriatric 5:00 or 5:30 and we LOVE it! Our mainstay now is El Condor, also in Silver Lake, where they know us down to our "usual" order: 2 margies, guac/rice/beans for Piper, fish tacos for mommy and chicken enchiladas for daddy. Attire: usually work clothes for me, which has been a lot of blue, white and bohemian volume lately with suede flats or leather sneaks.

Favorite thing to do when you have an hour to yourself?

Lindsay: podcast walks! Put in your earphones, pull up a podcast, and walk anywhere your heart desires.

Chelsea: Zumba at Equinox!

Favorite family activity?

Chelsea: picnics at The Meadow in our neighborhood. It is a gathering place for all of the other families in our neighborhood and we always meet great, new people.

Go to kiddie brands:

Chelsea: There are a lot on my list right now, but Tegu blocks, Honest diapers and wipes & Petit Pehr are all great for gifting. Obviously, I think a #BetterBundle is the ultimate gift though. :-)

Tell me about your experience on being a mama? Everything you imagined? Crazier?

Chelsea: I love it, more than I thought I would. I didn't really have too many expectations because I knew we weren't going to have a "typical" new family situation. (Dad works, Mom stays home, etc.) I feel lucky and am grateful that things don't get too crazy for us. Add another one and maybe I would be singing a different tune!

Best & worse advice you got as a new mama?

Chelsea: Best advice: "this is only a phase". That has gotten me through some "fun" times. Worst advice: "do as much as you can before you have children". Having a baby doesn't mean your life has to dramatically change and you can no longer go out, have fun, travel, etc. We see having a baby as an extension of ourselves, not a game changer.

What do you wish someone had told you about being a mom?

Chelsea: sometimes your baby might not like you, maybe because you went back to work or have to travel, and that's okay. "It's only a phase".

How would you describe your style?

Lindsay: Eccentric preppy. I keep it pretty classic (Everlane patent leather pointy toe shoes, cropped jeans, a collared shirt, and a topper) but I also throw in some seriously weird pieces every once in a while (like a dress I saved up for that has giant 3-d fabric roses sewn all over it).

Go to outfit for an important meeting?

Chelsea: we're pretty casual in LA, so my go to is usually a black Hugo Boss blazer over a cream shell with grey skinny jeans. I pair it with some black Rag & Bone boots and a Celine carryall and call it a day. I think it really is all about the accessories: shoes, bag, watch, glasses, done.

(My favorite print !^^^)

If you could add anything to your closet for the spring what would it be?

Lindsay: Cropped wide-leg jeans or overalls!

Chelsea: I just added some "90's mom-inspired" cropped, high waisted jeans to my closet and couldn't be happier. I also have my eye on some gorgeous bohemian tops and dresses from Doen.

One thing you will never get rid of in your closet?

Lindsay: my father's sweatshirt from business school. Perfectly worn-in and seriously sentimental.

Words of advice for the entrepreneurial mama that is thinking about going for it?

Chelsea: take the chance and just do it. There will never be a "right time" to start something new. Today is as good as tomorrow or any other day in the future. If there is a simple plan, you will succeed.

How do you balance it all??

Chelsea: it's tough, but I'm a Libra so balance is in my DNA. I do well with lists and scheduling time. That's the only way I can get through the week... I live by my calendar!

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to get to know this insanely talented, gorgeous and sweet beyond words duo and am beyond proud of what they are doing. And so flippin excited that they launched yesterday!

Head on over to their site (HERE) and use CHICBOSTONMAMA to get 10% off and see the entire line because I can promise you, that I have found your go-to gift for little ones. Now I am just hoping they start making bigger sizes for Miss Z..

Happy Friday!