{Mi Casa: Chair Hunt}

We are slowly approaching a year (A YEAR!!!!) of being in our home. Gosh that flew by. We knew we'd be tackling lots of (budget sucking) necessary projects in our first year but now that most (minus 3 bathrooms and a deck) are done, we get to move forward with decorating. Can you feel the vibes through here on how excited that makes me? A friend has reassured me that decorating a home is a marathon not a race and it's true my friends. I want pieces we love, and that will be a mix of new, old, refurbished, modern and shoot there is definitely some Ikea up in here. Most of all we are looking for decor that reflects us a family. Oh and washable. Yes yes, lot's of washables. We play in every room of this house so that is totally necessary.

That all being said you should watch out for a lot more of these Mi Casa posts, as we re-vamp rooms, add finishing touches to some and designate some of the empty rooms... Ahh the empty catch all rooms of this house! Ha. They drive my OCD bonkers. I am looking forward to sharing some before and afters and mainly just being done... lol

We are keeping our sectional, which honestly is not my favorite but with so many big pieces of furniture to purchase and a sticky handed toddler we've decided to wait on that. This means we'll get to add a beautiful rug (read: cleanable), a large ottoman as a coffee table, maybe a sofa table and two comfy chairs for the main part of the room. The curtains and bamboo shades already made a huge difference.

On this week's list, comfy chairs to add to our family room. And here are a few that I like:

Tufted Club Chair (great price + great reviews)

Dolphin Gray Blakely Chair (recently marked down!)

Club Chair and Footstool Set

Dayton Upholstered Chair

Lounge II Chaise Lounge

Felton Tufted Chair

Tall Wingback Accent Chair

Marcel Chair

Hanover Chair

Cuddle Chair

I am crushing hard on the oversized one from Crate & Barrel but at 1k each, it's just not an option, the Wayfair Cuddle Chair (bottom right) is a much affordable option and still pretty nice. We've had some tremendous luck from Wayfair and may just pull the trigger. What's your fav? Better yet, what's your favorite place to get furniture?

I also plan on checking out a few Homegoods this weekend, justttt to be sure before I purchase anything. Looking forward to getting some room tours up (finally!) and sharing more.

Happy hump day.