{Loving Right Now: Something for Dadda}

Why is it so hard for me to get a Monday post up? Ha! I blame it on a indulgent wedding weekend, with no reception and a quiet toddler free ride to the Berkshires! First, the wedding was so gorgeous, the Gedney Farm was the perfect setting, even with the crazy rain. Second, toddler free dinner and a whole night of not listening to a monitor is what dreams are made of. Not even kidding. And then we get home an I realize it's a week till Father's Day, I obviously thank the Amazon heavens for making life so much easier.

We plan on spoiling our dadda in a major way this year. Mainly with lots of homemade cards, goodies and leaving him to watch soccer without a toddler climbing him... But of course mama will wrap a couple other gifts too.

He is our rock, the man who goes above and beyond every single day, so making him feel uber special will be our goal all weekend long. Here are a few gift ideas that will have any dadda in you life smiling ear to ear!

The Golfer

Hitting Net // Gloves //

Mister Fix it

Saw // Work Bench // Paint Sprayer (mainly for all the projects I want him to do...) //

Sort of Techy

Portable Rugged Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (durable enough for the workshop but looks good enough to double as music for when we are entertaining)

Obsessed with his Lawn

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Well Groomed

Harry's Razor Club (he will hopefully not mind when I borrow them)

Grill Master

Grill Light

Love this Apron!

Dark Vader Oven Glove

Hope you all had a marvelous start to the week.