{Dishes: Chia Seed Banana Muffins}

Hey hey it's the WEEKEND!!!

We will be spending the weekend celebrating our dada but I thought I'd stop in with this week's dish.

Goodness gracious I am a carb queen. I mean, give me ANY kind of bread and this mama is happy. I am just starting to experiment with breads but banana bread is one I am very well versed in. And although this recipe feels a bit repetitious I thought I had to because of the comments when I posted it a couple months back on IG. Plus this is the only way I am making banana bread from now on. Today it's in muffin form, perfect for on the go, for guests and for mama who need a little help with serving size when it comes to bread... aheeemmmm me.

Plus there is absolutely no guilty feeling when these muffins are packed with nutrients and vitamins. Filling, nutritious and delicious is called #winning in this house. Oh and when you get the adults and toddlers to equally enjoy something, you are #majorlywinning.

Here it is. Make it as a loaf, mini muffins or muffins like we did. Perfect for a lazy weekend morning with coffee and then all week long!