{Summer Is Here: Add to the Bucket List}

Yay!!!! Summer is here.

Days spent outside, skipping naps, playing in the water, grilling every night and ohhh so many popsicles. Gosh, I am such a summer baby. Gardening this year has been a ton of work but oh so rewarding, don't get me wrong there is a TON to do but slowly I am pulling up to our home and loving the way the yard looks. I am thinking that by next spring it will be dreamy but for now mama will keep getting her hands dirty. And for the babe, well the bucket list is long. List of fun things to do to fill her memories is on my radar and what makes it easy is this Free Fun Fridays by the Highland Street Foundation.

Starting this Friday June 24th to August 26th, all over Massachusetts they are waiving the admission to many of the most treasured cultural venues. The absolute perfect way to keep your littles engaged, having fun and out of your house (and budget friendly) for a day a week all summer long!

Sooooo many places we haven't explored and I can't wait to take Zoe too. Plus call me crazy but I know I'll be scoping out craigslist for gems in the area of whatever we decide to do each week. Ha! yeah, that sounds crazy but I have given myself 4 weeks to wrap up our family room and move on to the next room.... All this on a budget means mama needs a few deals!

So head on over to HighlandStreet.ORG and download that list!

Happy Summering!



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