{Dishes: Summer Seafood Soup}

After a few weeks of just feeling miserable I am finally getting into my groove, not yet finding the second trimester boost of energy but more like accepting the fact that this pregnancy is a WHOLE lot different than my last. And listening to my body, moving when I can and just being still when I need to. But at least I am back in the kitchen!!!

I totally did not even know what to call this incredible soup. It's like a bouillabaisse, with a dominicanized spin and only one kind of fish (I honestly chose cod because it was wild and on sale). Light, delish and everything I want on a cool summer evening. My favorite bowl (yes I had a few!) when topped with fresh sliced radishes, cilantro and lots of hot sauce (or is that just pregnancy cravings?) Oh and as for left overs; because let's be honest I am not making anything I can't reheat for lunch or dinner, reheat the broth with fish and add mussels and shrimp to the steaming broth. This helps them from becoming chewy and so worth it because the broth is dynamite after a couple days.