{Bump Life: 1st Trimester Must Have's}

Second time around has been a complete different story in the bump life chapter. From the extreme nausea, the bump showing wayyyy sooner (guys, I don't know where the fat ends and the bump begins!) to a few complications, it's all sorts of different. But I will say that the second time around I knew what to splurge on and what to skip on. Here are my must have's for the first trimester. Continue below for more info on why I chose each product.

These came in my package from the amazing founder of Healthy Mama and omg. I tried so many ginger candies (all a bit to sweet for me) but these nausea drops with both ginger and B6 were heaven sent. I still carry a handful in my bag and on my nightstand. The prenatal vitamins were also a first trimester fav, I've had to switch to a prescribed/higher dose of iron because of my anemia.

Stretch marks are my war wounds but if I can prevent a few extra then I am going for it: I rotate this Mustela cream, this Tata Harper body oil is more than I'd like to spend but AMAZING, I mean like I could bathe in a tub of it every night, and this Earth Mama oil (actually love the whole line!)

Is it just me that has a hard time with finding a natural deodorant that works while preggo?? Sheeesh, Tom's Long Lasting was the 5th I tried in the last 4 months and I love it.

I bought these closer to the end of my first trimester but so happy I did, a must.

The belly support leggings are EVERYTHING, I bought two pairs, which I rotate and cannot stop wearing them. They are great for working out and tossing under dresses and sweaters all Fall long. I love that they smooth everything out and no worries about seeing through them. Plus, they will hide my tummy perfectly while nursing.

And then the must have's for any mama's keeping their pregnancy under wraps (and if you are anything like me showing sooo early) loose tunic tops (this green one is on sale!, love this plaid one is perfect for the fall and will be so easy to nurse in) just remember to go up a size or two so it'll last!

As for snacks... Our pantry is stocked with these saltines (they can also be found in my nightstand, eating every couple of hours was one of the few ways to semi-control the nausea.

And Gingerale of course. The combo of gingerale and fresh mint tea (the packaged stuff works well too) is still an everyday (mornings & evening) beverage of choice. I love these smaller cans so it doesn't go flat quickly.

This time of change and this time of new life is hard, trying and goodness exhausting. But it is also a miracle and the reminder to feel all the feels and record as much as possible is the best advice I've ever gotten, so a notebook was key.

I love Tubby Todd Bath Co. for all of Z's bath time products but this everyday lotion right here, she is not getting back. Ahhhh it smells like heaven and well a little on my hands and feet is such a treat before bed.

Another thing that was (and still is ) a 1st Trimester bedtime ritual is to pour in whatever oil did not make me gag (eucalyptus and tea tree are currently on rotation) into my diffuser and it really was comforting. With my heightened and so sensitive sense of smell triggering my nausea it was important to control what I could smell, and to be honest most of my summer was spent hibernating in my bedroom with this guy. I am not an essential oil expert but make sure and research on which you use. I want this fancy looking diffuser for Christmas!

Last but not least, water bottle. I am an all day water drinker and have always drank a ton but during my 1st trimester with severe nausea and vomiting it was both hard and even more important to stay hydrated, so keeping my beverage super cold was really the only way it sounded a bit appealing (ice cold water and sometimes grossness super almost frozen gatorade was what I forced myself to drink all day).


Unfortunately at 22+ weeks this mama is still elbow deep in nausea, I am fortunate that the meds prescribed to me by doctors allow me to keep things down (read not vomit 6-8 times a day) but the nausea has stuck around, some days worse than others; but I am grateful I can at least eat + drink, my ever growing butt will tell you otherwise.

Ha! Happy new week my friends.



*** some of these products are partners of the blog but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you for supporting the brands that allow Chic Boston Mama to happen. ***

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