{Mamas that Rock: Mian LaVallee of Wilson Group–KW Realty}

In all honesty my favorite part about this little blog is the people I have met along the way. Those I can help with tips, sharing my story or simply ones going through this whole raising babies thing with me. We can vent, laugh, shop and eat our way through our Girl Scout cookie stash while trying to ignore the havoc that is called toddlers. Which is how Mamas that Rock was born.

So here it is, October's (better late than never!) Mama that Rocks, a semi-regular series that will give you the low down on some pretty amazing women that are doing it all on top of being mothers. They inspire me and I hope that by sharing their stories, they inspire you to follow that dream and have it all.

Meet Mian LaVallee, real estate extraordinaire (she helped us sell our townhouse + find/buy our current home last year), mama to 3 sweeties, married to a supportive, hilarious entrepreneur (I mean would you expect anything else?), the sass and humor that will forever keep you giggling (don't believe me? Follow her Instagram here) and a shoe collection that has me wanting to live in her closet. Having her to go through the selling and buying process with was a peep into the ROCKSTAR that she really is.

(*Don't worry we will be partnering with a lot more for those of you looking to buy or sell in the future.)

After two short years of knowing her, I truly can't imagine life with out her cheering me on, giving me advice and always having the best home vendors to recommend. ;) I mean seriously. The BEST home vendors. Keep reading for our interview!

You aren't from Boston, right? How did you end up here?

I moved here from DC! I fell in love with a Boston guy who was a diehard Redskins fan and the rest is history. If it sounds crazy, it is!

Where are the Wilson Group - KW Realty office located?

Our main office is in Newton; and we have offices in Back Bay, Brookline and Framingham. We work everywhere in MA.

Little ones : Sophia- 8, Stella- 6, Lucca-2 I mean look at these cuties??!?!

Where can we find you ?

Facebook - WilsonGroupRE

LinkedIN- Mian LaVallee



Direct phone number: 703-626-9046

PS How cool is this virtual business card? I totally want one!!!

I know you must have a full plate but what do you like to do in your free solo time?

I love to cook! I’m not that good at it, but I love trying new recipes and of course sipping on my fav wine along the way. I also love to play soccer, so I play once a week in an adult league and its great to get back on the field after playing all thru high school and college.

Tell me about your experience on being a mama of three? Everything you imagined? Crazier? Easier after 2 more babes?

Its crazy crazy crazy but I wouldn't have any other way. i think the age difference is a blessing and curse. The older ones really do help with the baby, and they are a great extra pair or hands, but they also require different things. Soccer games on the weekends, girls scouts, ballet class. So often the baby has to tag along with or either my husband or I have to stay back to let the baby nap. I think as he gets older all of us being able to do things as a family of 5 will get easier.

How did you prepare the girls for Lucca's arrival?

We did a lot of girl stuff before he came. Mani pedis and the movies, we even redid their room while I decorated Lucca’s room. I was very worried at first that would feel pushed out of the way when i found out I was pregnant, but it was just the opposite. They were so excited there was a baby coming, they were great big sisters from the start. It did help he was a boy, i don't think they felt threatened at all!

Best & Worse advice you got as a new mama?

Best advice was that its ok to ask for help! Its not supposed to be a solo endeavor and sometimes it truly does take a village. Ask for help, and when its offered ACCEPT IT. You will be a better mom, and a better person when you can get a break here and there.

Worst advice: Was to enjoy every moment. Thats impossible. Not every moment is enjoyable. Some moments you wish would pass quicker then others, and some you wish would stay around forever. I also wish the baby stage was longer, but when I'm in the middle of it, I cant wait for it to be over. Its a funny thing, so just live in the moment, it will be gone too fast.

What do you wish someone had told you about being a mom?

I wish someone had told me that you loose your hair, and your tastebuds totally change! I used to love Salmon, and now i cant stand it or the smell. YUCK.

Favorite place to shop for the babies? And your home?

I love carters for the necessities. Jammies, onesies, etc.

But If i’m going luxe, the Bloomies baby section is a dream.

For our house, I could go to Homegoods every day and find something amazing. I live for Homegoods and it never disappoints. But we are getting a few things from Restoration Hardware and Arhaus for the new house that are absolutely dreamy. I wish I could live on the pages of the Arhaus catalog. SWOON.

Me too girl, me too!!

How would you describe your style?

My style is comfy chic. I sell houses, so my job is active. Sometimes I’m showing my clients 4-10 homes in a sitting. We have to see a lot of homes sometimes in a little time. I am jumping in and out of my car and I am walking tons of homesites and wearing 5 inch Christian Louboutin's doesn't always mix. (although I’ve done it pretty gracefully in the past :-) I like to be comfy but I also don't like to look like slouch. I always imagine, can I go grab drinks downtown in this afterwards? If the answer is yes, then I’m good to go.

Go-to outfit for an important meeting? How about every day? Must have fall purchase?

My go to outfit for an important meeting is a great Nicole Miller Sheath Dress. (this one is perfect for the holidays!) I have about 5. In all colors. I like to wear it sleeveless or with a blazer. I’ll pair it with stacked wedges or flats depending on what kind of meeting. And ALWAYS. a statement necklace.

Everyday you can find me in Tory Burch flats, ( I have a collection, up to about 30 pairs now...) White jean capris and chambray button down.

Must have fall purchase: I am living for everything tortoise! I just got a beautiful tortoise watch and matching necklace. I’m going back for the belt and earrings this weekend. (love this ring!)

The one piece in your closet you could not live without?

I have 2.

My Carole Hochman pajama pants are the MOST COMFORTABLE things I have ever owned. I run to them after a long day. The other is my vintage jean jacket from college. Its old and worn in perfectly and knows all my secret. I love it.

Favorite date night plans?

Date night? Whats Date Night? I kid!

When we do sneak away we like to go to this restaurant in Sudbury called No.29 Sudbury. They an incredible wine selection and a great app- bacon chocolate pizza. Its heavenly.

When did you decide to go in to real estate?

I went into real estate right after college. I tried a traditional 9-5 job and found it to be boring, stale and sexist. I got more coffee and said more Yes Sir’s then I care to remember. I was smart and I felt so underwhelmed. I took a huge pay cut to go into real estate first as a trainee, then went fully commission based but it was the best decision I ever made.

How do you balance it all?

I don't! Life, work, kids, marriage, its a lot. I’d be lying if I said Its easy or that I do it without a small daily failure of some sort. Sometimes I forget its show and tell day at Stella’s class and I have rush back and bring her ‘my little ponies’. Sometimes I forget that I put the last nighttime diaper on lucca and i live in fear he’ll pee thru the regular one he has to wear. Sometimes I totally blank on the birthday party I was supposed to bring Sophie to. It happens. But the best thing I can do is give myself a break. Its ok to not be the best at everything. So maybe I only made it to the gym twice this week. Better then none. And if the kids all survived another week and we only had to order pizza once its a win!

I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world because I get to do the one thing I love and also be a mom. Its such a huge gift, because I know it isn't always like that and I saw my mom struggle daily to drag herself to work to put food on the table and I know how lucky I am to actually LOVE what I do.

Thankfully I am still able to put my family first and make my schedule work for me so I can make every soccer game, and every story time and still give my clients great service. Its only because I am fully supported by a great team at both work and home. I hope all moms know that its possible, to be a great mom and a great provider. Just make sure you get those Carol Hochman pajama pants…because you’ll be tired and you’re going to need them!

Advice for the mama that has an entrepreneurial idea and wants to go for it? I say go for it!!

I say that moms have the best ideas because they are usually born out of necessity. I have never had more brilliant ideas then when I was feeding a baby at 3 in the morning. Find a way to make it happen at all costs, imagine if you think its ingenious, how many other moms will also?

Thank you so much for taking the time (that you really don't have ) to chat with me and share a little into your full life. I truly hope I can be a little like you when I grow up... ;)

So if you are looking to buy or sell in MA (now or in the future) please reach out to Mian, I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. And these incredible photos/makeup all done by Rachel Rubin, if I could have one wish it would be that Rachel would do my makeup every AM but I guess I will have to settle for my maternity/family pics! lol You can reach her below.

Hope you all enjoy this series as much as I enjoy doing them. Have (or are you) a ROCKSTAR entrepreneur mom that you'd like to nominate as next months Mama that Rocks? Send me an email and share a little bio and possibly get featured next month!

Have a fabulously haunted Halloween weekend.



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