{Loving Right Now: Babyganics Cold-Season Essentials}

Guyyyysssss cold season is here at our house. Like full fledge, sniffles, runny nose, sinus infections and maybe even some allergies. It's bad but weren't we thrilled when Babyganics reached out to send us some germ fighting goodies. And with a few sick days this week, we had an opportunity to try them out.

Top 4 (sorry couldn't stick to 3!)

Foaming Sanitizer - what's the big deal here you ask? well, it not only foams which is perfect for squirmy hands but it also doesn't sting or dry out our littles hands.

I actually remember washing my hands after using sanitizer in the NICU when Zoe was born, it smelled so strong and I didn't feel comfortable with touching my itty bitty babe with it on my hands.

I also love the smaller sized bottles for Zoe's backpack and my purse and even have one in the car to use

I also feel it's important to add this for all of my readers who (like me) are constantly dissecting ingredients.

No: triclosan, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances or dyes - Plant-based ingredients - Alcohol-free - Foaming - Moisturizing formula - Kills 99.9% of germs - Non-allergenic - Pediatrician & Dermatologist tested - 2X more uses than you get with gels - Never tested on animals

Alcohol Free Hand-Sanitizing Wipes

These are a great alternative to the hand foam, I keep them in the playroom for not only wiping hands after crafting/eating but also giving a quick wipe down to any toys that end up in Z's or her play date guests mouth.

I love that they are fragrance free, not dripping wet, but moist enough to get even the messiest hands clean. We spend a lot of our time in that playroom and even more now that we have some seating for mama and these keeps the germs at bay!

Cold Relief Chest Rub

I have about 4 different kinds of chest rubs in my medicine cabinet, all with natural ingredients and nothing toxic (especially since this goes directly on my sickies skin!).

What do I like about this one the most? Hands down the smell. OMG I swear, you have to smell it. No more old man smell like when I was a kid and my mom use to slather Vicks on me!

I also love the easy to use twist applicator, this way I am not getting it all over my hands (or a certain toddler isn't...) and it works. We rub on her feet (place socks over them) and on her chest and back.

Organic Lip & Face Balm

Now let's talk about the red nose (from wiping/blowing all day) ugghh I HATE it. And this organic balm has not only been great for cold weather dry lips (for both Zoe and I!) but also for that little sensitive nose that I've been wiping all day. :( ( Plus Zoe loves applying it on her lips as "lipstick makeup" all day long.

** Tip, we try not to use tissues and use wipes for blowing and that also helps!

These are definitely high on my loving right now list as we get ready for a winter with a newborn and a toddler (eeeekkkkk wish us luck!).

Have you tried Babyganics? What's your favorite? Or what would you want to try? Comment below and enter to win a product of your choice from us!



And how incredible is it that all Babyganics products are available on Amazon?!?! I am looking forward to trying out their diapers on bebe #2!

***Although products were supplied to me for this review all opinions are and always are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

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