{Bebe: Gifting 1-2 Year Olds}

I am trying to ignore my Voting Day & Glucose Test anxieties with scrolling through baby pictures of Zoe, see the one below from her first birthday!!! Eeeek.

We got such awesome feedback on last week's post on gift ideas for 3 years olds that I knew I wanted to keep them going weekly, not only for the holidays but for any winter babies out there (like both mine). And since I got quite a few mamas asking for ideas for 1 year olds, I thought I'd start there. And for all of you book lovers my plan is to do a book gift guide separately since books are some of our favorite (and most welcome) toys.

(Look how wiiittttllleee she was!!! This is as a reminder that they will have even more fun with the packaging at this age!!)

For the littles babes I like to keep the gifts pretty gender neutral. Mainly because they don't really have an opinion at this age but also because they are easily passed down to the next babe. And a lot of toys that grow with babe, which is a big deal to me!

1. Shape Sorter (we just recently put this away but was a great gift to learn colors and shapes!)

2. Block and Roll Cart Wooden Push and Pull Baby Walker (love that it includes block for endless play!)

3. Pop Up Play Tent & Tunnel (we have a similar one from Ikea that has been a HUGE hit for a long time, love that it folds up nicely + rotating toys keeps things fresh and exciting) We also have these crush proof balls are a hit for playing in the tent + practicing colors!)

4. We also have a pretty tent that we keep in our living room for stories + hide n seek, I love that it's kiddie but not an eye sore!

5. Drum + Ukulele + Early Melodies set is still something my Z plays with every day!

6. Activity Cube - love that they can play with this sitting or standing.

7. By Far #1 gift Zoe has gotten is her kitchen, hours of play EVERY SINGLE day. We have this one in our kitchen so she can play as I cook/clean.

8. Learning Resources Fresh Picked Fruit And Veggie Tote

9. Shopping Cart

10. Mega Building Blocks (another toy Zoe still plays with!) I also love these wooden ones because I am a sucker for any wooden toys!

11. Love these Stacking cups, and great in the bath too.

12. Toy remote & Phone (much safer that the littles grabbing the real thing!)

13. Push Buggy (we used ours indoors all winter and then brought it out in the spring!)

14. Green Toys Recycling Truck (love this entire line of toys!)

15. These flash cards were also huge for us, we worked with early intervention (since Zoe was a preemie) for a year and we did these every day. I swear these and reading everyday were the reason she spoke so early and saying full sentences by 15 months!(we have these and these too)

16. Rudy and base (use the base till they are sturdy enough and without for hopping around!)

(PJ's are another thing that I always ask for, maybe even suggesting a size up!)

17. Table & Chairs - They may not be sitting stably yet, but this is great practice and something they'll use for crafting, snacks and all sorts of playing for years.