{Mama & Mini Style: All the Long Sweaters}

I had to include this one because, well look at her face?!?!?! Over all the leaves!

Tank //Sweater (just ordered this non-maternity one in black!) //Hat (under $30!) //Boots (40% off!) // have & love these suede brown ones + want these navy ones with a block heel) // Leggings

Zoe: Sweater (love this one!) // Jeans //Freshly Picked Moccs // Thermal

We keep getting some good news on this babe which has me feeling a lot more like myself. We'll get seen every week till this babe joins us and unfortunately I should still keep off of my feet more than 50% of my day (which means these pounds are quickly adding up eeeek!). But I will say it is worth it. EVERY single pound and achy swollen body part are worth growing this babe in my belly. Even the dang heart burn, acid reflux and nausea that have reared their ugly heads in full force as soon as I hit the 3rd trimester.

But on to more important things! Like this preggo mama + mini style post!

4 things I can't live without this Fall/Pregnancy are these incredible blanqui leggings, flat boots, comfy long (read: booty covering) sweater and hats. Finding support leggings with coverage that only get better with every wash is something I HAD to share, worth every single penny and will be buying these to throw in my hospital bag! And this sweater, everything you want, preggo or not. Comfy, soft, bum covering and will work so well when baby is here.

Nothing fancy around these parts with an almost 30 week bump but comfortable for sure.



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