Beauty Routine

^^^^^ Ahhhh be kind about the no make-up air-dried look ^^^^

Pregnancy glow is from within is what my mama told me, well there is no one happier than me about this long awaited pregnancy but that glow went right out the window with the puking my brains out + constantly nauseas. So I went on the hunt to perfect my beauty routine. I wanted to find clean natural products that worked well with my skin, and brought out that glow everyone talks about! Ha!

And here it is! Still on the hunt for a moisturizer with SPF and a full coverage makeup for days I want an extra ooomf but these are a part of my every day/evening routine.

For a face wash I rotate Micellar All-in-1 Cleanser and Waterproof Makeup Remover (for days) and Glossier Milky Jelly Face Cleanser (for evenings)

Glo Therapeutics Brightening Polish (I keep this in the shower and use it 3 nights a week) Keeping it in the shower allows for multi-tasking, which is a must when I have a toddler screaming, I can't seee youuuuuu as I shower.

I recently added True Moringa Oil to my nightly face routine and goodness guys it has seriously worked miracles on the dry red patches that came with my second/third trimester of pregnancy. What I love most? It's not greasy, your skin absorbs it and it doesn't clog pores but I do keep it away from my lashes (since they are extensions, read about them here). You can read about there products here + order on Amazon prime here. (this product was gifted to me but has been a favorite since I tried last year + all opinions are my own).

I have become a face mask junky, and will try just about any of them to but these two are my favorite:

Tata Harper resurfacing mask is not the cheapest but this will be going in my hospital bag It is GOLD. It promises an instant glow and it does just that.

Glo Therapeutics Restorative Mask is another favorite, best part: you can sleep with it on!!! I mean that is winning for a tired mama. Leaves my skin soft and I have seen a big difference in my dark spots.

After a quick wash I start my day with my cleanser I gently apply Super Glow dabbing especially around the puffy eyes, instantly evening and brightening my skin. And moisturize/prime my face with Glossier Priming Moisturizer. I love that these two steps are easy, and neither feel heavy on my skin.

And for every day make-up this skin tint (also by Glossier) has been really great. I am not looking for a "makeup look" but simply hide a little of the redness, moisturize and give a bit of non-cakey coverage (for days where the prenatal insomnia kicks in (more often than not) I also add this concealer).

This body oil is heaven, pricey yes but worth every penny. I put some in my baths (which allows for even application all over my body, and rub all over my stretching belly. It smells delicious and has become part of my morning and evening routine (especially since the colder weather brings all sorts of dry skin!)

I will end by saying that it is really important for me to find products that work for my skin and that are as clean as possible, especially important while pregnant. My advice on how to start this journey is to try things, get samples, find products that work for your skin and your budget. On a budget? then start slow, one products at a time as you toss out your empties try and find a replacement that is a more natural version. The best part will be when you see the glowing results without hard chemicals.

Hopefully this is helpful for those of you that had asked.

Happy almost weekend!



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