{Gift Guide for your College Student}

Happy Monday my loves,

I hope it was a great one!! It was slow and casual over here and beyond perfect.

This gift guide was the next most requested one from a lot of mom's in my mom group/Facebook mom page, I know that there will be other ideas in my him & her guides that will work for college students but these are specific things I know we have gifted or will be gifting the college students in our life. Including my step daughter. pictured above with her lil sis. love them!!

Suitcase Set - nothing to expensive since well you know our dear college students... but sturdy enough for all the traveling they'll be doing and cool looking of course. this one is 57% off.

Keurig Brewing System - perfect for tea, hot chocolate and coffeeeeeee. Love these colors too!

Nikon Waterproof Camera - I know phones do most of the capturing but why not gift a budding photographer with something a little special.... and waterproof!

Nike Slides - are the perfect shower shoe that will also work walking off the field (or court!) or simply to class...

Or why not try this polaroid camera (totally late to the game on this but I am obsessed with it!)

Tech gloves will keep them warm and still able to text you back, ha! or at least text their friends back.

Ugg Waterproof Slippers - for all the late night study sessions! (I'm actually eyeing these for my hospital bag!)

Infuser Water Bottle - for all of our health conscious kiddos, or simply those trying to rehydrate before a game. another gift I am loving for me...

Love this beanie, keeps them warm but still "cool" enough to go back to school in for spring semester. (love this one too)

A sleek tech case, like this ipad cover is sure to impress in the countless interviews they'll be out on, loving this laptop bag as well because my step daughter is Kate Spade obsessed.

Love this watch for him, sleek (And grown-up) without being boring.

And this Swiss Gear Smart Back Pack will be functional but good looking + more than 60% off!

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