{Beauty : Fighting My Aging Skin}

Hello my loves, happy Friday!

Do you remember this post from a couple weeks back? Talking about my beauty routine? Well I had mentioned that I still had some gaps in the routine. I was still looking for a day cream with SPF (I had just ran out of mine but needed something uber moisterizing for my dry preggo skin) and a night cream that I could alternate with my True Moringa Oil, that would help with my, ahemmmm, aging skin. Well, the lovely people over at Elan Rose were kind enough to send over some goodies for me to try.

The truth is I am always a little skeptical in reviewing beauty products, mainly because it's hard to actually see a difference in a few weeks, for me it takes a bit (usually finishing a product) before I can say yay or nay.

They told me I'd be receiving a wrinkle reducing night serum and anti-aging day cream with broad spectrum SPF 30 - neither containing parabens, fragrances or silicones. And a difference in just days. I said, sign me up!!

Let's back it up a bit; It wasn't until I was pregnant with Zoe that I started to pay more attention to my skin, I mean wash (mainly face wipes at my bed side) moisturizer, toner etc. Yes, to all of those but every empty I tossed I replaced with the same stuff and worse, sometimes it was with whatever was on sale. It wasn't until pregnancy hormones changed my skin type, restless pregnancy insomnia brought out the heavy bags and toddlerhood introduced me to wrinkles... I mean I can't only blame motherhood, it's also my 30's that rolled in at the same time and woke me up to the fact that my mothers genes will only get me so far.

That being said, I welcomed these new additions to my medicine cabinet with open arms. And boy was I glad. Now here are the active ingredients that make these products actually work.

Active ingredients in the Vitamin B3 Night Serum

  • Vitamin B3 for DNA repair and energy production

  • Gorgonian Extract for soothing and healing

  • Melatonin for strengthening

  • Chestnut Extract for acid-free natural exfoliation

Active Ingredients in the Vitamin E Day Face Cream

  • Vitamin B3 for DNA repair and energy production

  • Gorgonian Extract for soothing and healing

  • Vitamin E to protect the structure of the epidermis

  • 7-dehydrocholesterol to activate the endogenous anti-stress system

Interested in why you should choose parabans free? check out this article but Real Simple that I have been forwarding to my mama friends.

I am on week 3 and can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to finish out the month and see even more of a difference. Not only are they both ultra moisturizing with some great ingredients but they also didn't cause me to break out (like a lot of products do) and smelled really great too. My skin quickly soaks it in and I don't feel like anything is caked on there. Which is key since I go makeup-less more and more as we get further in my pregnancy. Quick verdict: These products are WINNERS.

If fighting aging skin is a concern of yours I'd quickly add these two to your Christmas list, heck treat yourself!

Happy almost weekend my friends!!



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