Welcome Home Baby

Meet our newest addition Miss Amani Isa (pronounced Ahh-mah-nee Ee-sah), she is the absolute sweetest little peanut. A snuggle-bug and her sister is smitten. We are thrilled that Zoe has taken so well to the big sister role (more on that later) and are settling nicely into our new normal.

Isn't it funny that our sweet babes come into our lives, open our hearts in an unimaginable way and we instantly forget what life was before them.

I worried so dang much about changing our life, more importantly changing Zoe's life, how everything that we had built in th last 3 years as a family of 3 would be flipped upside down but now it all seems silly.

It was written in the stars that I would be both of these girls mama and my heart is so so so full of love.

We'll be back to business on Monday with my post on essentials for the first couple weeks home with baby girl. For now enjoy the weekend!



PS Please email me if there is anything you want to see more of in this new year, or in regards to bringing home baby. I would love to start sharing more of what you want to see. A few more photos below and totally wishing we had pulled out the real camera for these but oh well!

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