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We are 3 weeks today and feeling all sorts of semi normal... ha! love the mamas that are moving and grooving post babe (even with a c-section) but it simply has not been me. With months of bedrest before baby and then a c-section it has truly been a STRUGGLE to recover. But I am being kind to myself and trying to remember that we are all different.

So I thought what better way to get back on the blogging wagon that sharing our favorites from the last few weeks and since it was requested by a lot of you mamas, I also included all of mamas favorite post hospital favorites.

1. HALO swaddle sleepsack

2. bassinet caddy

3.Halo Bassinet swivel sleeper

4.Split screen monitor

5. Babyganics sanitizer

6. organic infant skull caps /& organic mittens

7.Pura Kiki Infant bottle

8.Aquaphor Healing Ointment & Honest Wipes

9. Natursutten Natural Rubber Rounded Pacifier - 0-6

10. Aden and Anais swaddles

Let's start with these Halo swaddle sleep sacks, she (just like her sister) is a "swaddle Houdini" and can get out of any of them. These are perfect for keeping her settled during the night when mama is just a bit too tired to function....

The bassinet has been heaven sent, it lines up close for all the "is the baby breathing" checks and easily moved for getting on and off the bed. I love the caddy for keeping all of baby Ami's things at arms reach for overnight feedings and diaper changes.

This monitor was a recommendation from a mama friend, perfect way to keep an eye on both littles.

Sanitizer sanitizer sanitizer. A MUSTTTTTTT for any home with littles but even more so during winter months. this stuff has no odor and is alcohol free so it doesn't dry out your hands.

skull caps and mittens for keeping little newborn heads and hands warm (plus those sharp nails will stay away from her face!!).

These Pura Kiki bottles were the ones we used with Zoe and love love love them. They are the perfect alternative to glass bottles because they are lighter! Plus they look pretty dang cool.

Aquaphor, I can't quit this stuff. Heals everything and prevents diaper rashes (Zoe did not have one diaper rash in the almost 2 years in diapers. Use at every diaper change, put on itty bitty scratches or rashes.

These paci's sell out like mad and you'll know why!!

Our favorite muslim swaddles, the gift I bring to every new mama. They are perfect for swaddling, burping, nursing covers, covering a car seat and the list goes ON and ON and ON. They wash well, super soft and I have even been known to use as a makeshift diaper after a crazy poop explosion that maybe happened on my first Target visit with Zoe, where I didn't think it was necessary to bring in a diaper bag.... #momfail

1. Robe

2. Highwaisted Shapewear

3.nursing tanks

4. Luna Bars & 30 0z Yeti

5. PreNatal Vitamins


7.Honest nipple balm

8. Babyganics Foaming Bottle Soap

9. Nursing Bra

10. iPhone External Back-up Power

A comfy, pretty robe is a must for lazy newborn days at home, I wear mine with a nursing tank, my shape wear undies and PJ pants if we have visitors!

I keep these LUNA bars in my nightstand for when the hunger strikes and all I want is a few spoonfuls of Nutella.... I mean I have to stay awake for nighttime feedings then I better get a snack.

And I always have my YETI full with ice water for every nursing session. I am a big water drinker but even more so while nursing.

I also don't quit on prenatal till after I stop nursing, not only do I need them but my hair and nails do too!!

Thanks to my cousin for making sure I packed some Depends (instead of hospital pads!) because these were a LIFESAVER, even after I came home. I wore them until the bleeding let up and had no ruined pjs or sheets - woot woot!!

All of you nursing mamas must have some nipple balm to use, don't wait until you need it to use some. I say start before the hospital, getting them prepared for little babes feeding day and night! Love that this stuff is organic and doesn't have to be wiped before your babe nurses.

I keep this foaming bottle soap in our master bathroom for cleaning all pumping parts and bottles. Cleans well, no scent and doesn't leave me worried about whats left on the bottles. Great for soaking pumping parts in hot water too!

Nursing bras, I made the mistake of only getting two and it's silly. Find one you love and buy a few.

Last but not least, don't stay stuck on the sofa with a newborn that is finally asleep with a dead phone!!! This backup battery is perfect!! Especially since I find myself using up my battery with all of the online shopping I do to stay awake while nursing and pumping through the night but also perfect for a busy mama life.

And there it is. All of our favorites 3 weeks in.

Like these kind of posts or looking for specific products? Email me and I'll keep them coming,

Hope you all are having a great start to the week.



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