{Celebrating Valentine's Day All Week}

Happy Monday!!

We had a napping newborn and a little energy to mess up a clean kitchen with some crafts and gosh it was great. Mainly because Zoe kept saying, mama you are felling better and can play with me! (insert sobbing mama emoji here).

Funny how I had such a cute idea on what these cards would look like but my three-ager had her own... ha! lots of extra glue, foam hearts, drawings and stickers. And we went for it. Although I do look forward to making class v-day cards one day!

And the hope is that I'll tackle quite a few more activities all week long as a celebration of somewhat feeling like a normal being/mama of two.

So I rounded up 14 Vday ideas, including some DIY non-candy cards, that will make Valentine's special for your littles. Because celebrating holidays is so much more fun with little ones. Those apple cookies may be our playdate activity for this week!

You Make My Heart Pop Recipe // Animal Valentine // You Are A Gem Valentine

V-Day Hats // DIY Heart Crayons // Lip Balm Vday Cards

Heart Pizza's // Tissue Paper Craft // Butterfly Craft

Valentine's Day Pancakes // Frozen Banana Pops //Easy Apple Fruit Donuts

Play-Doh VDay Cards // Friendship Bracelet Valentine //

May need:

Heart Cookie Cutters // Silicone Heart Molds // Heart Beads // Heart Cake Pan

Hope it's a greta one! Tune in for some spring shoe must have's with Nordstrom Rack because we all know my yoga pants and nursing tanks are nothing to blog about... So instead we'll share a little toddler fashion. ha!



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