{The Secret To Motherhood with Two}

Hello loves,

I've been MIA around these parts and for many reasons but the biggest one is that something always has to give. So much change, so much on my plate and simply this blog (as much as I love it) will sometimes come last.

My first post to my Mama Diaries, series of the new year. A series where I can share all about what is going on, vent on toddler meltdowns or simply pour my heart out for a quick therapy session. This weeks is: the secret to motherhood with two littles.

Hahahahah. Hope you really didn't think I had an answer to that.

I am sitting in my kitchen typing this, in the same clothes I threw on yesterday to look "presentable" for my husband (moments before he got home)... Which we then had a "date" in bed (mind out of the gutter here). Which consisted of me nursing Ami, while we ate dinner in bed and (fell asleep) during our second attempt at watching the last season of Luther (OMMGGG this show is amazing, minus the 4 episode season, why can't there be more?!?!?!).

My kitchen is a hot mess but the hubby made breakfast and my toddler is watching her iPad, because well the cold is back and newborns mean extra screen time and the living room literally looks like a bomb went off.

This is honestly the key to motherhood, it means accepting the damn mess. Accepting the season of life you are in and this is mine. It means a Gatorade drinking, milk stained nursing tank wearing, tired mama. Some are able to do this a bit more seamlessly but not I, right now balancing all means sometimes neglecting what isn't a priority. And at this moment keeping two tiny humans alive, fed, clean and happy, a husband fed (sometimes with takeout that he picks up on his way home!) is my priority.

That is my secret. And accepting that my secret is different than others was half the battle. In this age of oversharing via social media, we can easily bully ourselves into thinking that we have to be perfect but the truth is I have been happier this week, my toddler has had less meltdowns, my husband and I are less tense.

It sure is not pretty but it's not permanent. There will be a time when I am happier with the reflection in the mirror (holy moly belly flab and double chin), my home will be more organized/staged and I'll be sharing what i wore instead of what I wish I was wearing and that time will be welcomed. But for right now I am going to excuse myself while I snuggle my newborn, fall asleep next to my husband watching crime dramas and have dance + craft parties with my three-ager best friend. For now that is my secret to life and the rest will get done when it gets done (AKA when my mom and sister visit... ha! love those two.)

I will also mention how dang hard it was to look at these newborn pictures that I am in. Man oh man. I was the heaviest I had ever been and it did not feel great. But these photos, man oh man, these photos were SO worth it. The spanx, the double chin, the dummies to bribe the toddler: ALL WORTH IT.

My message to all of you mamas is get in the picture. And cut your body some slack. That body created, carry and birthed a human, those huge boobs are nourishing your sweet babe, those bags under your eyes are from keeping that tiny human alive and (most of) it is temporary. It too shall pass and you will regret not being in those pictures...

Happy week my friends and stay tuned for more. :)