Life Lately

Life has kicked my butt lately. Missing loved ones, loved ones leaving us for heaven too soon, my mom having a major emergency surgery to remove a tumor (benign thank GOD!), diagnosis on my littlest (more on that another time... maybe.). I've talked about how anxiety has been sprinkled and pretty constantly a part of my life, and many times I can't quite pinpoint why but lately I know exactly what it is and unfortunately it's a wave I have to just ride out.

Reminding myself that this too shall pass, that it will all make me stronger and trying my best to concentrate on the things I can change. Things like, getting goofy with my first baby while the other naps; snuggling my sweet babes; decluttering and organizing our home; pulling the trigger on some design choices and letting the whole nesting phase kick in (since I couldn't while on bedrest!).

But more than all of that I am doing my best to also let myself feel all of the feels. The sadness, the anger and sometimes pure defeat. It's important for me to remind myself I am only human and part of getting through anything in life is allowing yourself TO FEEL. To feel whatever it is you are feeling, and then fill that balloon of emotions and let it go. I'm not quite ready to release all of the emotions but I am at the stage where the good feelings, feelings of love, gratitude and hope are balancing those other yucky emotions.

Just remember mamas, baby blues, seasonal depression, anxiety or whatever it may be that is causing your funk are ok to admit, say it out loud, talk to someone, ask for help, hug your babies, shoot, email me and we can Facetime while sipping wine. Do whatever it is you choose to help you get through the brunt of it and make sure you find someone that makes you laugh while doing it.

PS This has been my mama uniform as of late, button up (easy nursing access with a tank underneath that I pull down to keep myself covered)- relaxed denim and semi clean hair...

1. White Blouse ( many colors) 2. Free People Lovely Day Shirt 3. Rag & Bone (sized up for pregnancy/post pregnancy) 4. Madewell vintage high waist (just bought these!) 5. Topshop Ripped BF Jeans 6.