10 Playroom Must Have's

I'm sort of embarrassed at how long it took to get this little update up. The truth is I often second guess myself and either thought it was to early (not done) or my pictures weren't good enough. But I knew it was a time! Here is our playroom! My favorite room in the house. I love that it is full of light and color, functional and I still feel like it isn't to kiddish and has a little bit of style.

Scroll down for 10 Playroom Must Have's:

You can see some before pics of this space here. I think we've come a long !!

1. Books & storage - give kids a specific place to put away certain things and they are more likely to help during clean-up.

//These ledges (love these acrylic ones) wire baskets / canvas ones //

//I've always loved this book shelf / we stack them in this one from Ikea in Z's bedroom //

//this is the one I want to get for Ami's room //

2. Adult Seating - We found the Ikea sofa on a yard sale page and it has been heaven sent. Perfect place to nurse and rest while Zoe plays. She also loves watching her iPad or reading "all nuggled up". But most f all it gives the adults a place to sit during playdates!

(Also love these jute floor pillows for both kids and adults!)

I love this similar sofa // this futon is on sale for under $200 // this bright green one would add color to any room // no room for a sofa, this chair is or this bench would double as storage!

3. Kiddie Table & Chairs

I painted a craigslist find with chalkboard paint and paired with these chairs, love how it looks!

// You could get this set , // this set is the one we have in Zoe's bedroom and under $50.

What is key here is having a place they can craft, color or even have a snack.

4. Activity/Craft Storage

I tend to over buy crafting supplies, it's just my thing!!! But keeping everything organizer not only limits it, it also makes easier for me or our sitter to plan crafts or activity's for Zoe.

We used our shelves (simple brackets and pieces of MDF ) // large mason jars // this organizer // file/magazine holders // and these foldable totes.

And I have been thinking of adding this for the things I WANT Zoe to be able to reach like construction paper, lego sets etc.

Don't have any crafts for the kiddos? Start with this kit and get to pinning!

5. A kid friendly Rug.

it doesn't have to be a kiddie rug! Just something soft they can roll around on and perhaps break a few falls, colorful enough to hide spills (ours had paint on it in week 2) almost 2 years into owning ours and we are beyond happy about our purchase.

We have this one. (Colorful Options: #1, #2, #3, #4 ) Someone please buy this one.

6. Toys the kiddos can play on their own.

I loved having toys that Zoe could reach and play on her own. Puzzles in a rack, wooden blocks, play magnets, foldable tunnel, foldable playhouse (ours is ikea but I love these colors!) Having toys she can play on her own helps me get things down or nurse and she learns a bit of independence.

7. Play kitchen.

This is probably the one toy she plays with EVERY SING DAY! Our is in our kitchen for now, keeps her entertained while I cook and I love that she can mimic something I love doing! (we have this one, I love this too! and this one.)

8. Play baby

baby doll /this baby alive doll is so cute! // with crib /highchair / diaper bag

Now this is for those of you with baby number two on the way. Gifting Zoe a crib, baby and high chair before her sister came was huge. She LOVES playing mommy to her babies and even sits and "nurses" them.


Nothing like a few catch all baskets to organize a space. I have a few with stuffed animals and even one with her toy balls. (love these with tops, this one is great too, this eco-friendly one is cute!)

10. Chalkboard

We primed our wall in magnet paint and painted in chalkboard paint.

She colors (the board and herself!), practices her letters and simply scribbles! Plus these magnets are so much fun!

These are the things that make our playroom complete, what are your must have's?!



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