11 Shirt Dresses For A Nursing Mama

It's the weeeeekenddd!

Hope yours is filled with fun or rest or if you are lucky maybe both! We are off to NYC for a week so mine is filled with laundry, errands and packing.

I thought I'd share my go-to look as of late. Pretty much my 4th trimester uniform during the unusually warm days.

/ My dress / chucks / denim shirt / hat / cross body /

Button up shirts and dresses are my thing right now!!! This one I'm wearing definitely wrinkled a bit too easily but I still loved it.

For me 4th trimester uniform means, comfort, easy boob access, and hide the extra lumps... Hey we are being honest here, right?

Plus when I (EVENTUALLY ) lose the baby weight I'll still be able to wear it! I can easily wear with sneakers (like above) for errands or a chunky heel for brunch or even over my swimsuit at the beach. I'm just going to just call it the mama IT dress. Scroll down below for 11 options and snag a couple for your spring/summer wardrobe. Most of these would look super cute over a bump too!

Under $100

1. Madewell Denim Shirtdress

2. NSR Off- The - Shoulder Shirtdress

3. Moon River Stripe Off- The - Shoulder Shirtdress