12 Fun Lunch Ideas for Picky Toddlers

Happy Tuesday my friends.

We are back from two weeks of road trip travel and all I am craving is our routine..

As I was meal planning, I was thinking about different fun foods for Z (because 3-agers are not fans of the same thing two days in a row!). So on the hunt I went, easy-ish healthy and toddler approved.

Toothpick "kabobs" are her favorites, she feels like she is a grown up because in Zoe's words it's an appesiiza. lol. Sometimes I make them with fruit or bread and cheese, add a protein like chicken, turkey or stick the toothpicks in what ever we are eating. Mainly to take her away from the idea of any witching hour meltdowns! But hands down her favorite is anything with a pepperoni and roasted turkey (just like her mama!!). Our friends over at Dietz & Watson make the absolute best deli meats, annddddddd of course you can get it right on Amazon Fresh! bam!

Here are 12 fun toddler approved meals for you to try this spring!

1. Toddler Tasting Trays - we use to do this when Zoe was younger and she loved it.

2. Caprese Skewers (I use the balsamic drizzle as a dipping sauce)

3. Sandwich on a Stick (love these!)

4. Cereal Breakfast bites ( I'd make these with sun butter!)

5. Toddler Trail Mix (I'd pipits, cacao nibs, dried fruit and really make it a heathy !)

6. Homemade Lunchables, these no fuss ones look great, and something I would eat!

7. Green Monster Toddler Muffins (hide veggies into muffins!)

8. Egg Muffins !! Serve with a piece of bread and jelly (per my toddler)

9. Mini Tortilla Pizza ( I actually love these for me too!)

10.Baked chicken nuggets I posted a while ago (Z was so little!) are on my list for this weekend. Make extra and freeze!!

11. Mac n Cheese bites - perfect for party apps too! sub any veggies your kiddo may like!

12. Sweet potato burgers - make them mini and serve with ketchup!

These are super easy to pack up on a picnic, make ahead for playdates or simply serve your little picky babe for lunch or dinner!

Lunchable containers