9 Must Haves for Surving Life with a Newborn & Toddler

Life with two has been difficult!!! Everything from a hard c-section recovery to Ami being diagnosed with a form of hip dysplasia and placed in a brace to help correct it. Not to mention m y mom having emergency surgery to remove a tumor they found in her small intestine. So to say it was a heavy, exhausting season in life is an understatement. But like everything, this too shall pass was my mantra.

Bjorn bouncy seat (this toy attachment is her favorite right now helped a lot! we sometimes put this on the island so she can see me and it keeps her happy, obviously be super careful if you do this but it just works for us.)

Sollybaby wrap (I have used this EVERY SINGLE DAY, fussy baby, need free hands, making dinner, bath time or even just getting fresh air. can seem a bit tricky at first but after a few times I could wrap it with my eyes closed. keeps the baby close, no strangers touching said baby and toddler gets mamas attention.)

iPad mini (or any tablet) /iPad butterfly case ( we've had this one for 2 years and love it!) (big tip is lose the mom-guilt for screen time, we are in SURVIVAL MODE.

Uppababy skate board - we also got this seat but she feels so dang cool on the skate board, and used this so much while traveling. or even just the days I don't want to pull out the double stroller.

DockAtot goodness gracious this expensive little baby thing is just like magic. especially for those of us that co-sleep during the hard core cluster feeding days. keeps baby safe too!

Ask & Accept Help. Hire a mother's helper (post coming up on that soon!), or a baby sitter or simply accept help. Say yes to getting someone to entertain your toddler, do the dishes, bring you coffee, make or bring or better yet drop off dinner. Just say yes to help. You can't do it alone and it's honestly ok. Just take the help!

4 Moms Swing (we barely used with Zoe as a preemie but with #2 we use every day, it gives me 15 minutes to prep dinner or hold my clingy toddler)

Ready Made Meals - accept all meals, these salads and fit meals from Amazon Fresh have been life saving, lunches for me and the hubby that keep us fed and on track.