Hey Dadda We Love You

Happy Monday my friends.

We got really great news on Amani's ortho visit last week and goodness it felt so great to relax. And wean the cutie from her hip brace. Guys, she flips on her tummy and sleeeeeeps. I mean we are talking three straight hours of blissful sleep for mama. Well with pumping and my paranoia on belly sleepers ( I flip her from time to time which obviously wakes her...) it was a little less but the light at the end of the tunnel is there and I could not be happier.

I also finally gave in and started antibiotics for my third round of mastitis and why the heck did I wait so long?! Feeling human is a really good thing. And now of course it's almost Father's Day and mama has just enough time to Prime some gifts... So just in case your as last minute as I am this year I am sharing some ideas!

home depot gift card (always a good idea!)

Sonos Sub - we are huge fans of Sonos and music in our house, this wireless subwoofer is our next addition.


Weber Grill ( I got him this smoker a few years back and it is deliciously my favorite gift I have ever given)

DIY Pinball Machine Kickstarter or this basketball arcade system

This Bluetooth Turntable ( How cool is this turn table kickstarter?)

Bamboo Wireless Keyboard

3D Wooden Cube Brain Teaser

Laptop Backpack

Apple Home Pod

Love these Cord Keepers

Cashmere Pullover Hoodie

Espresso Machine

Longboard (totally something I'd buy my brother!)

Apron for the grill master or chef!

Grid It Wrap for Mac

Yummy products that he wouldn't splurge on for himself:

Complexion Water

Hair & Scalp Tonic

Massager (works in the car!!)

Lawn mower is always a good gift, this one has great reviews (this one is awesome!)


Wired Magazine Subscription ( hubby has and love's Handyman, Entrepreneur, Fast Company)

Vacay Mode T-Shirt