Berry White Chocolate Yogurt Popsicles


We survived.

We made it.


Guys, what a doozy this week has been. Worse thing was that I was so convinced yesterday was Friday that I even had a second glass of wine with my sissy and bestie Ashton.

At least a long weekend awaits!!!

We are all about the popsicles this summer and the smoothie ones were a hit. I took this recipe and added sliced berries.

This one is sweet and tart (hello berries, white chocolate and greek yogurt) and can easily fool a toddler into thinking they are having dessert.

outfit + headband picked by my three-ager because " it just matches".


Coconut Water

Greek Yogurt (I used one with blueberry because we had it on hand)

Sliced strawberries

fresh blueberries

couple pieces of white chocolate


Keep toddler from sliced berries and chocolate.

in each mold scoop a tablespoon of greek yogurt, few slices of berries and chocolate.

repeat in same order.

Top each popsicle with coconut water.

Wiggle molds to let the water settle in.

Freeze for 6+ hours

We like to make in the AM and enjoy them for dessert! And it makes for a really great toddler bribe to remind them of what awaits if they behave all day.

Next up are some chocolate chia seed pops for next week. Sooooo excited because I think I have the recipe down! Now tell me what are your favorite popsicle combos?

Oh and hoping to send out a sales newsletter (only sent out to subscribers) tonight, anyone interested in that??

Happy weekend mamas!



Our popsicle molds were cheapo Ocean State Buys for like 4 bucks but I am linking some below with awesome reviews that you can order today and get in time for the weekend! You can also check your local grocery or dollar store because anything can do the trick.

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