Potty Regression

Zoe has had such an incredible transition from baby of the house to big sister. The one thing we have had a tiny hiccup on lately has been potty accidents. She was completely potty trained at 21-22 months buttttttt lately we've had a few accidents a few times a week. So we've started a little potty boot camp. LOL JK but seriously back to the basics around here to get the little missy back to big girl status. Here are 5 tips we are concentrating on.

1. Back to basics. We have fallen out of our routine of asking if she needs to potty because she was wayyy past accidents and had let her tell us when she wanted to potty. But we are falling back to making her sit on the potty before and after meals/snacks, before leaving/arriving to a location.

2. Prizes. Some call them bribes, I call them prizes. stickers, gummies, extra stories at bedtime, extra stars on the behavior chart, playground trip or even a book she has been wanting.

3. Stay calm. Goodness I get frustrated when she has an accident when I JUST asked if she needed to go like seconds later... mama I had accident. But I have to constantly remind myself they will always win the power struggle so stay calm & do not punish. At first I thought a timeout would nip it in the bum but the more I read the more I am sure that she is just going through a big change and we should be kind to her reaction.

4. Remind. Remind. Remind. Remind them frequently that if they stay dry them get that prize.

5. Talk to your toddler. Seriously sounds silly but having that convo when everyone is calm and happy (and dry) really helps. We do the whole "you know how proud I am of you when you act like a big girl, sharing, no accidents, using our words. Let's make today (or this afternoon or tomorrow) a better day."

Am I missing anything ?

Well this mama wishes you luck and know you aren't alone!



First I have to say this is a sponsored post by Charmin, but I promise to keep only sharing collaborations and sponsored posts with brands that I love and either already use or have fallen in love with.

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