Mi Casa : Console vs Sofa Table

Hey hey,

I've slowly resurfaced from the virus we all had. Can we just agree that being sick as a mama is the WORSE. I still had to nurse and care for a needy babe and toddler while feeling like complete garbage. But tis is life. It all must go on. lol and I'll stop my whining.

Decorating is so dang time and $ consuming. Worth it yes but shheeeeesh.

I feel like a broken record about our family room but it's on the goal list and as we dump money on the landscaping/outdoor space (which will eventually be rewarding) I struggle with not having a space I love to look at so. The goal is simple: finish this room. I'm not even going to start on the rest of the house....

First up:

Console vs Sofa Table (different things or are they the same?!?!)

I've come to the conclusion that we definitely need something, for some storage and for extra lighting purposes.

Here are some great ones I've found.

Blue 4 Drawer Sofa Console Table

Console Table With Two Shelves (on sale now!)

Elda Mirrored Console Table

Odile Console Table (under$200!)

Swanson Console Table

Unfinished Sofa Table

Gavelston Sofa Table (love the rustic look!)

Gold and Mirror Console

Lucite Console (my fav!!)

Safavieh Manny Oak Console Table ( I was impressed with Home Depots Selection!)

Safavieh Antique Brass Console Table

Mid Century Two Tone (love me some mid century modern, 2 of these may be awesome!)

Although I'd love something gold, the hubby my not agree and want something warmer/wood. What do you think, sofa table or console? Wood or medal? Simple or statement piece?



Parson Desk (2 of these with baskets underneath...)