It's all About Mama

(photos from a cloudy but incredible beach day!)

Oh hey Monday after vacation. I am not a fan of you but I am making you a good one.

Seriously. Positive thinking, works. Right...

Lately my sweet sassy Zoe has just been a ball of emotions. Pushing limits/boundaries and staring them straight in the face. I have ended a lot of days in tears feeling like I am just a failure. While on vacation (on the day above!) a woman from Vermont, mother of two boys reminded me of something that had gotten lost in the chaos of day to day mothering. I am raising a STRONG WOMAN. As she reminded me with kind words and a warm smile, it hit. OMG I am a part of the woman she is going to be.

And holy crap it's hard but I want her to be that strong independent, leader that I wish I was more of. I want her to stand up for herself, try new things and fear less than I did my entire life.

So as hard as each day is I know that she is just shaping into her own person.

Some nights I literally rush through stories and pray for her to get in that bed as fast as possible but last night I remembered that woman's words and while they were splashing in the bath, laughing hysterically and singing songs I told Zoe, this week is going to be a great week.

It was going to be the best week. No tears or meltdowns, just fun and time with just us three.

I said it out loud a few times during our bedtime routine because I needed to convince both of us. HA! In that moment I decided I was going to start putting in the work to be the best version of me. The best mom. The best wife. The best blogger. The best daughter, sister and friend. The best homemaker. The best me that I could be. And in order to do that I needed balance. And this is where the wellness challenge was born.

I was going to wait until September to roll this out but I needed it to be now.

So here it is a 4 week wellness challenge to get to the BEST version of me.

10k steps

tracking my weight watchers EVERY day

drink more water (10 Yeti's filled)

doing something for ME every day

5 small meals or smoothies a day

1 work out classes out of home

eat as clean as possible

plan out the next day every night

designated time for technology

communicate more with my friends and family

make actual plans & put them on the calendar

write out my goals for the week

I am doing this because in order to be better for my favorite humans I have to be a better more balanced version of myself. Because it truly is all about mama, I am the heart of this family and the only way I can keep it running is if I work on being better.

Now who's coming along?? Comment, DM, Email and share what you are doing to be a better version of yourself and who you are doing it for!!

Oh and to hold myself and you accountable, i will be posting an update with my mama diaries post every Monday! :)



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