5 Favorite Flavorful Purees

I really always thought that baby food was either simply bland or sweetened with fruit. But then I had Zoe and had way too much fun experimenting (after talking to my pediatrician about adding herbs and spices for flavor).

Why couldn't it be filled with flavor? Why not brighten those taste buds with everything our garden (or the food market!) has to offer?!

So here is my PSA to GO FOR IT. Add some cinnamon to your pureed apples ( I know have to make a huge batch of this weekly because Zoe also loves it. And guess what, you don't need the added sugar for it to be good!! Just include some berries to tart apples or some sweet frozen mangos. Seriously.

A dash of cumin to your avocados or a spring of cilantro steamed and pureed with your beans. There is no wrong way to do this but I usually will use flavor profiles that I cook or serve up regularly. This way when she starts eating table foods in the next few months she will adjust quickly to our family dinners. And only making one dinner is totally #winning

Here are 5 favorite purees that Ami (and Zoe!) gobbled up.


strawberry. apple. cinnamon.

peas. mint. butter.

beans. cilantro. quinoa.

brocoli. apple. rosemary.