Five Friday Favorite

(Picture from a few weeks back, I couldn't help but share a few more below. Love these two.)

Hey Hey mamas!

Totally meant to get this post up earlier but you know, that whole two babies and life get in the way! HA. I have been doing a better job of planning out our week, play dates, blogging time and pushing myself to feel less guilt about the screen time in the AM. And you know what it works. So so so helpful to not only get things scheduled but to also put the work into my goals.

Any way, Day 5 of the wellness challenge and I am feeling pretty ok. Still feeling a little off (totally blaming it on PP period because blehhhh) but I swear the water intake and getting out for our morning walks again have been game changer.

So here are my favs for the week!!

1. All about diffusing lime it's suppose to spark creativity and maybe it does but I love it because it's so fresh and crisp. Very SUMMER. (let me know if you have questions about oils! Don't know it all but huge fan and happy to share my favorites and even order for you!)

2. Always on the hunt for nursing friendly tops and saw these two at Target this weekend: Off the Shoulder Bell Top (life for boob access) and this button up one, I may need in both white and stripes.

3. I got these loafer mules at the Rack and cannot wait to style them. Cropped mom jeans, crisp white top and I'm set for drop off.

4. One of my mama besties sent this over and OMG. So for all of you mamas sending littles to school for the first time (like us!) get ready to ugly cry. I just sobbed.

5. And for those same mamas, this book right here is so adorable and has been helpful as we prepare for "spanish school" (spanish immersion preschool) in a few weeks.

Happy weekend friends!