Five Friday Favorites

Hey Hey,

I had big plans to share a yummy soup recipe but 80 degree weather and an insane week took front seat.

I promise to get my posts up when Ami decides to sleep in past 4am...

For now here I am sharing Five Friday Favorites, you know because I am alll so original. lol All about shopping this week because the season are changing and mama needs a refresh,

1. I had the honor of representing #realwomen in the Vetta Capsule photo shoot this week and goodness the clothes are just so dang good. Guys I want it all and also am currently cleaning out my closet so I can convince my hubby I NEED it all. The culottes in olive and this two piece jumpsuit are EVERYTHING.

2. If you only get a few things for your Fall wardrobe then these Nina Leggings from Peach are a MUST HAVE. They stretch like no other faux leather leggings I've tried (and I embarrassingly have a few) and go from drop off under a tunic to yoga with a sports bra and then date night with an off the shoulder sweater. Can you tell how happy I am about them.

3. Two Target finds that have made it on me all week: this skirt (paired with slides now because it's 80 and booties in cooler weather), this destructed comfy black sweatshirt paired with my fav joggers were perfect for Ami's first swim lessons. Check out the rest of my buys here on my Shopping Cart page.

4. I just ordered these jeans in a few sizes because I heard they run small and my technique is going to be to try them on without looking a the size....

5. I've ordered this fisherman cap to add to my hat collection, I don't know how I will feel about it on me but my style icon said we all need one...

We are wishing farewell to my step daughter/daughter/friend Kay tomorrow (she is off to start a grownup life post college). And maybe work on that wall collage a little more... I wish we would have had the energy for an Ikea trip but two babes at that wonderous place... ehhh no gracias.

Next week is another crazy week but my hope is prep some great posts for you and to squeeze in some fun with my girls on a "work trip" to the Cape later in the week.

Tell me what are you up to?



Also, I know a ton of you are always asking about places to make new mama friends, well this free app called Peanut is the place. Guys it's like a tinder for mamas to find new mama friends!! I am going to also write up a post next week on other ideas, but seriously download it now and thank me later. :)

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