Five Favorites Friday

Hello my loves,

So many questions on my getting up early IG post from this week and honestly since I am not a morning person this is a big deal. Having babies not only forces you to be a morning person, it forces you to be a person that functions with very little to no sleep.

Birdie did not sleep for more than 3 consecutive hours for the the first 8 months and finally I had to bite the bullet and do our own version of sleep training, which took about a week longer than it did for Zoe but for the most parts it's worked wonders.

She is definitely my "early bird" and loves to be up to watch the sunrise with her mama, so in order to get that little alone time I set my alarm for 5am, I do NOT snooze, I get up pee (TMI?), wash my face and brush my teeth. If it's a school day for Zoe I get dressed and do my 3.5 minute face, if it's not I come down in my pj's, make coffee and listen to a podcast episode from my morning podcast list. And this may sound weird but I have my favorites for different times of day.

So my 5 "morning podcasts" are as follows.

1. The Daily Meditation Podcast (start from the beginning, these meditation guidances are short and help me start off my own meditation, so helpful when my mind is full!!)

2. Up First - NPR (for a little news update)

3. From The Heat - Conversations with Yoga Girl (omg this woman just gets it, juggle so much with motherhood and so f'ing honest about it all)

4. The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe - (these stories are entertaining and always help me just think of something else.)

5. And for morning Inspiration (especially for days I want to work on the blog or my branding work) I like to listen to: Wonderfully Made & How I built this with Guy Raz

(Don't have a ton of time? The Daily Boost is like 9 minutes and strategies on everything from family, relationships, happiness etc. A mustttt.)

This short time by myself, usually before the sun goes up, with hot coffee and a cozy sweater is my time. Alone. No one tugging at my pj's or asking for a snack. And as selfish and weird as this may sound it is precious time. Time that allows me to be better, more patient and free the rest of the day.

At night I am so tired from keeping up with my two little crazies that I crash, but in the morning it's like I have the opportunity to start over. To refresh. I have been doing it for the last 2 months, and although it doesn't happen every morning I cherish when it does.

So my homework for you is for you to find that little something, that you time; that allows you to refresh.

Happy weekend my friends.


PS I have my friend contributing next week with a post on postpartum yoga moves for every mama!!! So be sure to check in.

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