10 Meals to Make Now and Freeze for Later

Hey hey,

Dinner time can be quite hectic during the colder months. Cooped up all day and don't get me started on the witching hour, I swear it is 1000% worse during the cold winter months. So this mama is getting prepared with lots of busy boxes and crafts to pull out (more on that later) and packing the freezer with yummy homemade meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Here are 10 that you can make now and double up on the recipe to freeze another for later. Don't forget that mason jars are great for freezing individual servings of soup! Every time I make a big batch of soup I pour left overs into mason jars for lunches, dinners and they are life savers on sick days.

1. Cheesy Turkey Baked Pasta

2. DIY Chicken Ramen Jar

3. Beef Pot Pies Hand Pies (on my menu for next week)

4. Easy Crockpot Chicken Enchiladas


Italian Style Spaghetti Squash Bake

6. Turkey Chili

7. Red Beans and Rice

8. Slow Cooker Thai Curry Chicken

9. Sriracha Lime Turkey Tenderloin (I doubled this and added sweet potatoes, froze half before cooking)

10. Taco soup (also a great one to double and freeze half, serve with brown rice or even guac and chips) *in true Weight Watchers, watch your point fashion I have also made this with ground turkey and add lots of bell peppers and roasted corn from Trader Joes + use no salt taco seasoning to add my own to taste)

And since we don’t have power (going on 35 hours now ) and we’ll have to toss the whole freezer you can bet I’ll be busy making these (again!) to freeze.

Now who can recommend a great generator....



Ps Happy Halloween!!