Five Friday Favorites: Holiday Entertaining Tips

Ruffle Blouse // Denim (love them!!) // Old booties (love these with a lower heel and these)

Happy Fridayyyyyy.

Less than a week away from Thanksgiving!!!

Everything is so different than last year when I was on bedrest and feeling quite nervous that baby girl was going to join us early. But this year I am definitely keeping all the extra help in the kitchen and sticking to my top 5 tips to make it not only seamless but enjoyable!

1. Take out your serving dishes and inspect! I like to use post it 1notes to get an idea of what I am serving on what, this way I know if I need more. Hello Homegoods run! I also love to set the table a day or two before so I know if I am missing something essential. Plus it gives me time to make it pretty!

2. Clean out your fridge. Perfect time to sort through condiments, clean out bins and make a list of what you'll need all season long. Same goes for pantry and baking goods. I make things during the holidays that I don't make all year long so I stock up! It's also a great time to stock up on your guests favorite goodies.

3. Make sure your home smells yummy and inviting. I have always been a fan of candles but the last few years my diffuser and essential oils have been part of my every day. Right now I have Thieves and Eucalyptus going in my kitchen and goodness it's heavenly. I'll be sharing my favorite oils and a DIY next week!

4. Set up a to-go station! Having cheapo containers (try a dollar store or amazon!) so it's easy for folks to take home leftovers.

5. Clear space on the coat rack, coat closet or even just placing a chair where folks can place their coats makes it easier to flow inside.

Now share, what are your top tips to keeping it easy peasy?

Oh this pair of denim is a MUST for your mom-iform so hurrry order them with 2-day shipping!



PS I didn't get any of the posts I wanted to share this week so look out for some content catch-up this weekend!

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