14 Gifts for Both Baby & Toddler

Having two babies is a transition enough but factor in the crawling, put everything in your mouth baby and a toddler then everything changes. We cleaned out all little toys from the playroom, rotated some downstair and some to Zoe's room that she can play with during quiet time (rotating toys is huge in our house and keeps the littles from getting to distracted or bored).  We kept out mainly toys they can both play with, flash cards, puzzles (with no choking hazards) and books.  This keeps both girls safe but also allows Ami to have a lot of independent play time.  And since a lot of you are finishing up shopping (or starting like me!) then I decided I'd share our 12 favorite toys that both littles can play with.  These are ones we play with EVERY DAY and my favorite gifts to give kids.

These Flash cards, first words - animals - colors & shapes - I also got these Spanish / English ones for Ami for Christmas. Zoe loved them when she was a baby, they are touch & feel so very interactive, they even translate to a few languages on the back.   They were recommended by an Early Intervention Worker and we have loved them.

Bristle Blocks

Magnet Tile Set  --- love this travel set too! - we have had these for 2.5 years and not only do they travel well she doesn't get board with them. Birdie loves them too.

Learn & Play Color Piggy Bank 

Clemmy Blocks - building is obviously a favorite in our house, these are great.

This ball pit & tunnel folds up and is perfect for a big range of ages. Great for playdates! This ball set.

We have this baby computer and a toddler one. Zoe sets up the office and Birdie just cracks up. One of my favorite scenes.

Music is huge in my house!! And this drum has been a go to since Zoe's first birthday. Both girls love playing with it (but its on the 'not while baby is napping' list... lol)

Birdie also LOVES this piano Zoe got last Christmas, they both play with it every day. We took the bench away since the littlest is a climber.

These Sound Puzzles are a hit with both girls! I love watching them both play with it. (alphabet - shapes)

We have one of these toy cubes and they are a hit, great for pulling up on and working on balance, + it has different things on each side which can keep a toddler entertained for 10 minutes....  Easy to move from room to room.

Love a great push toy cart, we love this shopping cart but we are thinking of getting this wagon for them!

Egg maracas are so great for little hands and toddler hands alike! We got these for Zoe when she turned one because she adored them at music class, and still does! 

Last but not least, this parachute is another HUGE hit at music class, stores easily, travels well and awesome for playdates inside and out!

Bath Toys are always a hit, and extra points for ones that don't mold. I just ordered this basket ball hoop and these suction cups for them!

Now tell me, what are the gifts you are stumped on?



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