Reset In The New Year

Hello there my friends.

Here's too hoping this holiday season was filled with whatever you had hoped for and/or needed.

For us there was a lot of hibernating because winter has arrived in New England, a lot of movies and fort building +some cleaning and organizing. Maybe not as much as I had wished for but anyone else feel like less gets done when dadda is home? Seriously though, we all just want to veg out together when we have him home!

We are so thrilled on what is to come this new year. There is something about a new year, setting goals and hitting that reset button. This month is being designated to what resetting actually means to me and the goals I have made.

Actually I will have to say that the last 90 days have been about resetting for me. Thanks to Rachel Hollis and her motivation to make the last 90 days of the year count. Here are the 5 top "buckets" I have started and will continue to work on in the new year; plus my biggest goal.

1. Stop Pinning and Do. This goes to so many things, crafts, activities, outfit, home decor and organization. I have started decluttering so much of my life that allows me to actually live the life that I have hoped for rather than just pin it. Hello organized linen closets, a closet I (almost ) love everything in, healthy meal making (not just for the babies!!) and work projects I am passionate about! I want to work on less complaining, and feeling anxiety of "so much to do" and just keep tackling one thing a day. One little corner. One drawer. One closet. Because in the end it adds up to a lot more than wasted energy of wishing it looked better/different.

2. Be present. Shoot this is a forever work in progress but scheduling time for things will be my start. Yes this means scheduling actual time for fun activities, homemaking, kiddo things, date nights and work deadlines (for both the blog and now Beautycounter!) - this will allow for me to be completely present for whatever I am working on, rather than my mind racing and writing my 75th to-do list in one day. It will also help me create a bit more balance every day.

3. Read more. I use to say I wanted to read more non-parenting books but lets me honest that is the stage I am in right now, so there may be more parenting books on my nightstand than I care to admit but I have also picked up a few about nutrition for babies, children and mamas, one on essential oils, cook books and a few fun books (maybe starting a book club too!). I also want to make sure I am making time for material on my "jobs", like blogging photography and now the non-toxic skin care and makeup world. Filling my bucket with knowledge is so exciting to me and I hope exciting for when I get to share with you.

4. Loving the body I have. Usually this would say, work out more or be active every day, do yoga or whatever but I'm actually going to try something a little different this year. As I continue to lose the baby weight and work on toning my body (with cardiologist approval first!) I would like to work on loving the body I have at the moment. So f'ing hard, isn't it? I want my girls to look in the mirror and love what they see. I want them to be less obsessed with what people see or what they are suppose to look like and just love themselves, put good foods in their bodies and treat themselves well. So it's about time I stopped faking the whole I am beautiful the way I am and started believing it. Because this body created two little miracle babies and I owe it a little respect.

5. Make something. I created less recipes, less handmade things and crafted less throughout the year (and pretty much crammed it into the end of the year). to be honest sleeping so much less with a new baby killed any type of inspiration and creativity I use to have. this year I'd like to do one thing a week. Be it a recipe or gift or craft. I'd like to experiment more with essential oils, natural healing and recipes too. So definitely be on the look out for more handmade!

(double microphone // guitar // maracas // baby piano )

So there you have it, five buckets I will be concentrating on and implementing during this month of reset. Now tell me what are you concentrating on? Would you want a weekly update on this, where we could hold each other accountable? I would love to hear what you are concentrating on this year, so please drop me a line in the comments or DM me!

Cheers to a new year my friends, because if we put the work in, it could be the best year yet.



(PS here's to hoping that we can capture more of our dance parties in 2018 b/c this is what I want to remember about life with my ladies!)

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