What I've Learned About Kids Winter Birthdays with Imajine That

Hey there girlfriend, yeah you, the one with the winter baby.

Or if you are like me, with more than one winter baby. Have you been scheming up a plan to keep it small or perhaps do nothing at all?

But then that mom guilt steps in like, woaaaahhh. And it's true they don't get many birthdays at home. Or many birthdays where they want mama's and dada's around.

So you plan the big party, clean the house, buy the food, find the entertainment and then get stuck with ALLLLL the mess. Guys it is worth it.

The smiling, excited little face is totally worth it. But let me tell you the biggest thing I have learned about winter birthdays...


Yes you heard me. Better done somewhere else other than your home. Somewhere that orders the food, sets up and cleans up. Throw in someone to keep them entertained is BIG. We had someone come play a music class for Zoe's birthday, our local yoga studio last year and this year we hit the ball out of the field when Imajine That reached out to help make Zoe's first birthday as a big sister something memorable.

If you haven't heard about this place, stop right now and click here. A GEM. (PS be prepared for photo overload, too many good ones!)