Dear Mama,They are different.

Hey hey lovely mama.

I don't know about you but this Monday crept up on me. But I got this and I know you do too. T

These are some photos from our newborn shoot with my talented friend Kristine. Guys, there sure is something about being photographed PP by someone you are friends with and feel comfortable with. Zoe was a NiCu preemie born during flu season so we didn't get to do these photos so I cherish these. Cherish this moments of my first days of mama of two.

My sweet girl turns 1 tomorrow and man have I shed a few tears. There are moments that I find myself letting that mama guilt creep in, thinking I could do more, and worse comparing but I am going to shove it all aside, and remind myself what a little miracle she is and let her be.

Dear sweet worried mama.

This sweet babe isn't rolling over, crawling, walking or talking when your first did? Milestones are a bit different, are they? This sweet baby gets a lot less one on one time? This sweet baby get's a lot more of the over tired, super frustrated mama? I know, I know. This little baby is different and gets a whole different mama.

I am here to tell you a little something about this baby and this mama looking back at you in the mirror. Here to tell you that man oh man those tired eyes looking at you are much more wise. Here to tell you that the heart right by that sweet sleeping babies hand has grown two or three times it's normal size. I am here to remind you that it is so hard but you got this mama.

Just remember this, this little baby gets so much more love, from a bigger family. This little baby gets to learn things your other babies didn't. From a sibling. This sweet angel baby get's to have a mama that has already been there, done that and worried about it all. This sweet babe is their own person and no matter how many eyebrows are raised, they are doing just fine. They are going to go at their own pace and that is ok.

And if they need more help. If they learn a bit differently? If the obstacles are different... What if if if. Well you will tackle each of those things the best you can, you will seek advice and support. You will lean on your village and love hard on that sweet babe just the same way you have done with the rest.

But mama, don't you dare fret. Don't you dare let that guilt set it. That baby is smothered in love and that is half the battle. They are different and that is more than ok. It's the way it should be.

And I hope you feel all sorts of love from this exhausted mama of an almost one year old.

Hoping that in sharing this it helps a mama or two. :)



PS, if you are in the are and looking for a talented family photographer shoot me a note. I'm happy to connect you with Kristine.

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