6 Ways To Get Out Of A Funk

Hey hey lovelies!

Happy Thursday. I actually had to look at my calendar to see what day it was... Seriously another whirlwind week but feeling like the fog has been lifted. Maybe it's the warm up today in the Northeast or maybe it is that dang moon messing with me again! Anyone else feel that fog?

I don't what it is about these winter months with little ones, or maybe it's just this season of life that constantly has been in the cycle of worry/anxiety. But #1 I wanted to jump on here and tell you that if you are feeling that "fog" or ever find yourself feeling that way, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It took me a long time to just be ok with the fact that there is nothing wrong with having a bad few days. I'd be so hard on myself but my rule here is let yourself feel all the feels, and then get back to doing the things you know will pull you out.

Which brings me to #2, my 5 tried and true ways to get out of a funk!

1. Take in ALL the greens. I try to stay away from sugar and dairy and up the greens. Making a big batch of green smoothies (I make enough for about 3 days) and swapping out a couple meals a day seriously makes me feel more energized and "cleaner". Your bloated post-holiday gut will thank you.

2. Give yourself an early bedtime. Since Ami was born I have given myself grace on going to bed when the girls do. We sometimes put all of this pressure on ourselves to do it all, but we can't. not every day anyway and less when we are feeling sluggish. So on these days I make sure I am getting in bed early and unplugging.

3. Water. This may sound silly to some but for me not having enough water through out the day actually makes me anxious. I drink at least half my weight in ounces or more ever day. And when I am fighting something I make sure I am having even more than that. If you change only one thing this year, change how much water you drink and I swear in a month you will see the difference in your skin, your energy and even on the scale.

4. Do something or a few things that you know will make you happy. For me it's putting down my phone, pushing aside that to do list and being present with my girls. Like sit and watch my nutty girls eat yogurt, not worry about the mess. My toddler making jokes and funny faces or singing at the baby to make her laugh. And the baby clapping, and bouncing around at her sister. Shoot most days I miss that because I am trying to do it all (which some days it's just what needs to happen), so making myself just sit with them. Do a craft, let them paint, play in our fort or shoot throw on an afternoon movie with snacks on the sofa. These tiny little things help me so much. So know what tried and true things will make you smile. - I will note, sometimes this is getting a manicure or a blow out, ooohhh or a very rare massage! Self care comes in many shapes or forms. Do you.

5. Detox Bath. I make a big batch of the recipe below and soak in it for a minimum of 25 minutes, twice a week. Not only do you get to relax but you are literally detoxifying your body. Make sure you have a large cup of water before and sip it during the bath. Heck throw on a Beautycounter charcoal mask (my favorite) and pour yourself a cup of nettle tea (I buy this one) or a glass of wine.

6. Diffusing oils! You guys I have been in love with oils for years now but have recently started diving deep into some books on oils, mamas and babies. I am in no way discrediting medicine, THANKS GOD for antibiotics but I am learning a lot about foods and oils and old medicinal ways to treat things. And one of these is actually healing/treating from inside out. Oils can calm, excite, focus, and even soothe. I find that diffusing thieves and lavender are my go to when I'm feeling bleh during the winter. But so so so many others that can help depending on what smells you like.

Consider this recipe a little secret weapon in your book of natural remedies!


Equal parts baking soda and epsom salt

I do about two cups of each at a time.

4-6 generous drops of thieves

4-6 generous drops of peppermint

4 -6 drops of lavender


Put it all together into a container with an air tight lid,




and shake some more.

That's it you guys! So easy and so amazing. I use from 1/4c p to 1/2c in my bath and a tablespoon for Zoe's. I also like to add some body oil to my bath and for Zoe's , it makes for a very slippery bath tub but moisturizes so evenly on my skin and I allow it to dry/soak in when I get ready. Because mama has to always multi-task.

I'm working on a recipe to add natural color to the bath bombs I make for Zoe, and will be sharing those soon, I promise.

Also for all of you that only take showers, put about 1/4 c into a deep bowl or mug and put in the corner of your shower, it works really well for any congestion or body ache.

body oil // diffuser // nettle tea // detox face mask //

epsom salt // container // scoop // baking soda

****This is also safe for kiddos, just keep them from drinking the water as it will act as a laxative. (as always you can consult with your pediatrician, I am not a doctor but find that these baths do help my Zoe and me, whenever we are fighting a cold and for her congestion!)

Interested in learning more about oils? Starter kit is $160 and you guys it is life changing.



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