A Deal on Flawless In Five

Hey hey lovelies,

I am hoping you are just about wrapping up a great weekend. We sure did and I can't wait to share some details on Ami's birthday weekend!

I had designated Mondays as Mama Diaries Mondays but thought I had to share this deal on my favorite makeup goodies! And since every mama needs a few little secret weapons on not looking as tired as they feel I thought this was even better than a diaries post.

This little set is $148 for your whole makeup routine + a brush! The perfect way to start up a quick and safe makeup routine.

Here I am before and after. I will say a big piece on feeling comfortable on the no makeup photo is finding a skincare routine that works for me (DM is you are looking for recommendations) and really great natural light.

The reason I made the switch to safe non=toxic makeup was because when I brought home my Zoe it took me about a year to actually wear make up, her skin was so sensitive and the thought of not kissing and snuggling her was NOT an option.

This time around I had found Beautycounter and it was easy, a line that looks amazing and is safe. Easiest decision I have ever made!! And when I say it looks great, I mean it makes me, exhausted, 34 year old mama look great. I have tried a few non-toxic makeup brands that just made me feel blehhh, nothing I ordered more than once. Except BC, and it honestly feels rude to not tell you guys about it... lol Especially since you get everything you need for daily makeup routine in one set.

Below is me after. less than 5 minutes and one babe on my hip for most of it. I do love the eyeliner too, which I am wearing. It's probably the best eyeliner I have tried. especially at this price point.

And for those of you that make this purchase tonight, I'll be sending off a sample set of my skincare favs!

PS, how cute are my assistants? I tried getting a video in before we lost the light but that didn't happen... So a photo in natural will have to do! Look out for a video soon. PROMISE.



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