Five Minute Makeup Routine

Here it is. Finally sharing my 5 minute routine with the Flawless in Five Set. I have been promising to show it here for a bit. And guys, this could have gone a little smoother but I needed to run and grab my poor Ami who is struggling today. I am hoping it's teething and not another virus but she is miserable.

So yes, I promise to keep showcasing my favorite products on video so you can see the products in action and I also promise to get better ! lol

This is is the only set you need for makeup, for $148 you get 6 pieces to get yourself ready for the day and I have tested that it can all be done with a babe in one arm.... Maybe that will be my next video! Ha!

I think it would take a lot more for me to look flawless but definitely feel 1000x better with this five minute face.

And yes I promise to flip my phone for the next one... oops!

Flawless in Five

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