Weekly Product Spotlight

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I thought I'd keep a weekly post to strictly Beautycounter product spotlight. I know I have been talking a ton about safe non-toxic products on here and if you know me personally you know I have been talking about them for a long time. It's time to make the change because once you know you can't help but want to know more.

Think of it this way, birth control patches or nicotine patches, both are placed onto your body and absorbed by your body and affect you body significantly. So that oil, lotion, body wash, eye cream and sunscreen you used today? Well that too gets absorbed by the body. The good and bad stuff.

We take so much care about knowing the products we put in our bodies (and our babies) AND IT IS TIME that we start doing the same thing about what we put ON our bodies too.

That is the bottom line, so no matter what products you decide to use I want you to look up your ingredients/products and make sure they are SAFE.

EWG has a great app/website that makes looking up the toxicity level of products super easy.

Spotlight Products

Products that I've bought lately and am loving for my winter skin!

First up. My skin is THIRSTY. From the heat, to the chilly air and nursing. My skin is super dry and tight. But this oil has given it some life. I rotate this one and the #3 oil for some stress acne that has been popping up.

And speaking of acne, this mask is saving me right now. So great for those weeks your skin is breaking out or feeling dull (especially after over indulging in a little too much vino and chocolate... Saying that for a friend...)

This Perfect Pout Trio is calling my name. I am LOVING LOVING LOVING the glosses right now, especially after reading how much lipstick/gloss the average woman eats a year and whats found in a lot of them, so I am being much more mindful of what is in mine, especially since I have a toddler known to be bribed by a little gloss application.

Last but not least. The goddess oil. lol JK Glow Shimmer Oil. I can imagine this is amazing for summer sun kissed skin but I just got it in last week and is amazing on my pale winter skin. I have been loving it on my neck and shoulders too, for those off the shoulder sweaters!! A date night must have, oh and would be great to have for V-Day too. (this set is a great deal.)

That's it for this week! Hope this hump day is treating you well!

Check in tomorrow for a yummy kid and baby friendly recipe that we make weekly.



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